Yummza Hummus Is a Couple’s Labor of Love, Borne out of Their Search for a Snack That’s Both Healthy and Yummy

August 9, 2019

At some point, we’ve all wondered why healthy snacks are never as good as junk food. Sure, they fill you up; but they often leave you unsatisfied, craving for more flavor. Yummza Hummus co-founders Haresh Daswani and his wife Roshni wanted the best of both worlds. So they made their own line of hummus, bridging the divide between nutrition and tastiness in this spectrum of snacking.

We spent two to three months researching… We realized [that] we needed premium ingredients (such as extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan salt, Kabuli chickpeas, freshly squeezed lemons, etc.) to create good hummus.

Yummza Hummus only uses preservatives naturally derived from fruits. This helps the products last up to three months without losing their quality. Plus, it allows the hummus to be transported to the customer without it spoiling. Apart from the ingredients, Haresh shares that they had to source the right equipment, as well. They use a special blender from India, which they found was the most capable in their production.

While we love a good classic hummus, Yummza has four other variants: Tandoori, Sun-dried Tomato, Balsamic Vinegar, and Pesto. The flavors were derived from the couple’s personal tastes, as well as what they thought their customers would want. Our favorites were the sour, slighty spicy Tandoori and the aromatic Sun-dried Tomato.

They also sell pita chips to complement your hummus. In fact, they often hold promos that include this in your order. Get it, anyway. It’s a very light and yummy (ah, we see what you did there) pair. You’ll probably find yourself mindlessly finishing a jar in one sitting. Good thing it’s healthy, then. (That’s us giving you permission to keep eating the rest.)

Yummza Hummus

Creative hummus variants made with premium ingredients.

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