Tray’s Anatomy: Jollibee’s Yumburger vs. McDonald’s Burger McDo

September 12, 2018

It’s 4 in the afternoon. You’ve got half an hour to grab something to munch on before plunging back to work. And across your building (thank you, Jesus!) is a Jollibee, with a McDonald’s right beside it.

Because (1) you’re really craving for a burger (those stale biscuits stashed at your desk just won’t do), (2) you have only PHP 30 in your wallet (and the nearest ATM is two blocks away), and (3) you’re pressed for time, you’ll have to choose between the Big-Ass Bumblebee or the Creepy Smiling Clown with a Red Afro. Exactly whose hamburger is worth your remaining cash and time?

To help you with your afternoon snack dilemma, we’re pitting the two budget burgers against each other, and assessing them using five categories: General Physical Properties, Affordability, The Bun, The Spread, and The Patty. Let the Battle of the Burgers begin.

The Basics

There seems to be a clear winner as soon as we unwrap both burgers and put them beside each other. Compared to McDonald’s Burger McDo, Jollibee’s Yumburger looks a lot bigger and heavier.

Upon closer inspection, the Yumburger proves to be the hunkier one. Here’s the lowdown:


Ala carte, the Yumburger costs PHP 28, while the Burger McDo costs PHP 29.

Now to the Rich Kids of Instagram, the one-peso difference isn’t much. But think about it. If you treated your office to 30 Yumburgers instead of 30 Burger McDo pieces, you can get one more Yumburger (given the same budget).

With a margin the size of a one-peso coin, Jollibee wins this round.

The Bun

Despite the Burger McDo’s flat appearance, its bun is a vibrant brown, which makes it look like it was toasted more (never mind the extra greasiness). It also has a doughier texture, and doesn’t crumble easily.

On the other hand, the Yumburger’s bun is airy rather than dense, and tastes a lot like the ordinary burger bun available in the grocery.

This time, the Burger McDo wins: the current score being Yumburger: 2, Burger McDo: 1.

The Spread

Left: Jollibee Yumburger Right: Burger McDo

Who doesn’t love Burger McDo’s orange-colored mystery spread? (If anyone has food-hacked this secret sauce, please be kind to humanity. Don’t let that recipe die with you! Email it to us NOW.)

However, McDonald’s isn’t very generous with their much-coveted burger spread. They don’t put enough in each bun, and it’s not uncommon to end up with a sad, dry burger halfway through.

This is where the Yumburger has the clear edge. The taste of its spread isn’t as intriguing (some even think it’s just mayonnaise and ketchup), but the generous slathering of this creamy, tart sauce over the beef patty is a huge plus.

Also, unlike with the Burger McDo, you can customize your Yumburger.  Just add PHP 16.50 if you want cheese on your burger. Throw in an extra PHP 11, and you’ll also get a dollop of extra mayo.

Clearly, Jollibee knows how to feed hungry stomachs on a budget. But since we’re still very much in love with the Burger McDo’s secret hamburger goo, this round is a draw.

The Patty

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, here’s one thing the Burger McDo is surely better at.” But I’m sorry to tell you that you are quite mistaken (and very presumptuous).

The Yumburger’s patty looks and tastes more like real beef. It’s thicker, and has a darker, more appetizing color. Burger McDo’s patty seems synthetic (it’s too soft, and disintegrates quite easily in your mouth), while the Yumburger’s patty is juicy, solid, and requires a bit of mouth exercise to break it up.

The Verdict

After a highly exhausting taste test, and with one burger acing three of the five categories, we hereby declare Jollibee’s Yumburger as the winner! So if you’re looking for a filled stomach, a satisfied burger craving, and more value for your money, we suggest you pick the Fat Bee over the Creepy Clown.

What are your thoughts on this experiment?

[Infographic by Dana De Leon]
[Calorie count from]

Addi dela Cruz Addi dela Cruz

Addi writes nonfiction that reads like fiction and fiction that isn't meant for children. He lives for breakfasts, getting new stamps on his passport, and perfecting his yoga tree pose. In between episodes of MasterChef and Hannibal, he dreams of owning a café that would serve the best hot chocolate in the South and have 12 tables at most.

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69 responses to “Tray’s Anatomy: Jollibee’s Yumburger vs. McDonald’s Burger McDo”

  1. You guys create REALLY good articles! Great post! =)

  2. skysenshi says:

    I don’t often indulge in burgers (maybe twice a week?), but this article made me want to run to the nearest Jollibee. And it’s far. McDo is just on the other side of the road. T___T

  3. This is a good article! Try their chicken, too. I’ve already noticed the difference all because of my niece, Aira. 🙂 Great job! More power to all of you!

  4. Patricia Noble says:

    THE YUM BURGER IS VICTORIOUS!!!!! Better devoured with TLC (tomato, lettuce and cheese)! Support local! Haha!

  5. i like Jollibee more! 😀

  6. very well thought of review!

  7. This is so funny! I’ve always liked the Regular Yum better than the Burger McDo. Always. I’ve always found the McDo patty to be flat and tasteless, and nothing has changed through the years.

    The weird thing is, once you increase the size of the patty, McDo wins. McDo’s Quarter Pounder patty is really nice and savory (Just don’t compare it to gourmet burgers), whereas there’s something lost in translation with Jollibee’s Champ patty. Weird but true.


    PS: Natawa ako dun sa color swatches ng sauce. That was the clincher for me.

  8. Cool review! Even the nitty gritty details are compared like the weight and thickness. I agree with the verdict, Yumburger has more flavor than Burger McDo.

  9. Dwight Co says:

    More like Yuckburger

  10. sugarcultjessie says:

    Of course Yumburger “looks and tastes more like real beef”, because it’s made from beef 🙂 Burger McDo is made from pork.

  11. “The Yumburger’s patty looks and tastes more like real beef. It’s thicker, and has a darker, more appetizing color.” Hahahahahahahahahahaha please. The real competition, IMHO, starts when Jollibee has served more than a billion people worldwide (and I’m not just talking Singapore, Dubai, etc).

  12. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Though McDo fries is still epic than JB’s. Just saying, you can never go wrong w/ those chips together w/ your bun.

  13. D Camacho says:

    LOL. Burger Machine padin.:))

    • HAHAHAH! Double Bart Burger with Cheese FTW!

    • I beg to differ. I reckon Minute Burger is better than Burger Machine for a number of reasons, such as:
      1. The bacon that BM uses are off-cuts, whereas MB uses a whole one.
      2. The patties from MB are a bit thicker.
      3. MB perpares your burger faster.

      I haven’t tried to compare the two just like what the author (Addi) of this blog did, but I pretty much enjoy MB better. Or maybe it is just me. lol
      MB>BM——-> just my two cents

      • Jeff, Minute Burger originated here in Davao. Way back when Buy1take1 wasn’t around yet, MB’s burger used to be good. I eat there not because I need to because I want to. There’s a very obvious taste difference. I prefer Angel’s Burger which is meatier. You can actually tell it’s really beef. Try it.

    • No, Tropical Hut kicks all their butts. 🙂 Seriously! Mas maayos halos lahat ng food nila dun, they just suck at marketing.

    • orange spice says:

      over the years, tropical had been the first choice of the elders. said, tropical was the original pinoy burger, had the best quality and used to be twice as big as the usual burgers we have now?

      while i could only try to imagine, but have no way of recounting, i must say that i did love them for the variety of meals they offered that can’t ever be found at jollibee, mcdo or even kfc.

      i loved their club sandwich, the lutong bahay breakfast meals and their fruit salad!

      hated their fries, tho.

    • orange spice says:

      and hey, i was also a patron of burger machine and minute burger, given my equally starving daily allowance for school… haha

    • orange spice says:

      and that angel’s burger branch at buendia… darn, how time flies!

  14. Tintin says:

    Deym I know this is unbiased but Jollibee should pay you for this :))

    • Funny ’cause I went about this whole thing, thinking Burger McDo would win for sure because in general I like McDo products more (except for the fried chicken). Guess the joke was on me!

  15. WTF? you only have 30 pesos? i hope you have drinking water in your office! hehehe well ill rather buy burger at burger machine. they have buy 1 take 1 burger!

  16. Uy, si Dana pala gumawa nung graphics! Haha. More local matchups please!

  17. Clarissa says:

    I love your articles 🙂 I grew up eating burgers from Jollibee, and switched to McDonald’s quarter pounder because of preference, and haven’t eaten any other burgers between the two fast foods.

    If I’m going to Jollibee, I’d rather have the Jolly Hotdog 🙂

  18. Alex says:

    I vote for the Yum Burger! Hands down the best fastfood budget burger !

  19. Frods says:

    Why is the original McDonald’s Hamburger (i.e. Cheeseburger minus the cheese) not considered in the analysis?


    I would love a French Fry wars article! 🙂

    • Hazel Guevara says:

      I think a French Fry War isn’t necessary. We all know who’s got the best-tasting (fast food) fries in the world. 😀

  20. mapilit says:

    Amoy anghit lnag ang yum burger

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  22. Reg says:

    I’m a graphic designer. I got a kick out of the color swatches. Hahahaha spot on!

  23. Alexandra Romualdez says:

    Wow. I haven’t had a Burger McDo in years, but for some reason I always thought it was a pork patty…this was a fun read. Haha.

    • Alexandra Romualdez says:

      (I was always told it was pork, and that that’s what differentiated it from the McDonald’s Hamburger. Because that DOES exist on the menu…outside of the Cheese Burger. /so confused now, I feel like I was lied to all my childhood. HAHA.

  24. orange spice says:

    i was bound to discuss the same things in my comment. but then, lacked a more updated and more tangible info via my taste buds.

    it’s been years since the last time i can remember myself munching on a yumburger. i usually went for their rice meals, instead.

    as a child, i used to prefer the fat bee’s burger on any day. but as i grew older, i seemed to have unconsciously shifted my loyalty towards the creepy clown. i don’t know why, never liked clowns… anyone mind telling me if the culprit could indeed be in that orange spread considering that even as slathered halfway through the burger, it managed to leave a very deep impression into our appetites?!

    slam that clown then! haha…

  25. J Lim says:

    Big-Ass Bumblebee or the Creepy Smiling Clown with a Red Afro- funny!!!

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  27. […] We’ve stated our preference before, but it’s still an interesting match up. This time, it’s your voice that counts. The Champ and the Big Mac will face each other on a later date, for now, which sub-30 pesos burger do you prefer? […]

  28. Ngeks says:

    fat bee anytime!! woohoo

  29. […] time, it got bloody between McDo and Jollibee. This time, we welcome a third, fitting contender: KFC. Let the fried chicken battle […]

  30. grace says:

    they did not include the 24 hour burp test… try eating a yumburger and a burger mcdo on separate days… you’ll notice that your burp still tastes like yumburger after how many hours compared to burger mcdo… I’m not sure if this is a positive thing though

  31. baktol says:

    Burger McDo’s patties, though thicker is somewhat similar to the patties used in Minute Burger, Burger Machine, Scott Burger…

  32. Xaixai says:

    I agree with this. eversince, lasang synthetic talaga yung burger Mcdo for me BUT, mahal ko ang cheeseburger nila and its patty tastes different kesa sa ordinary nilang burger. WHY oh WHY? (or ako lang yun?)

  33. thechineseglutton says:

    I love Mcdo burgers but it saddens me that after a few hours…the bun dries. Leave it for aday andit’s like flaky biscuit, while jollibee’s bun’s still good, slightly less fluffy but still a burger bun. tsk tsk point for jollibee.

  34. Nikkoski Bengcoski says:

    FYI. Burger Mcdo and Mcdonald’s hamburger are NOT the same. So if you go to the counter and buy an ala carte “hamburger”, expect that you might get a reply like this from the cashier – “sir, do you mean, Burger Mcdo?”. If they ask you that, say, “No, I want the ‘hamburger’, NOT the ‘Burger Mcdo’ one.”. The patty in the “hamburger” is the same 100% real beef patty used in Mcdonald’s CHEESEBURGER or BIG MAC. So you should have mentioned that in your article, or at least reviewed the “hamburger” version of Mcdonald’s. If I’m not mistaken, it has the same price, which is 29 pesos too.

    • A Concerned Citizen says:

      So you’re telling me, Burger Mcdo isn’t 100% real beef patty? Oh My God
      Or at least that they have a unique patty in store just for Burger Mcdo that is a much lesser quality? Oh My God. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? They’re ripping me off all this years?

  35. che igdanes says:

    Yumburger’s patty tastes like mold. Not that i’ve eaten molds but it’s really like that. Nothing more.

    And don’t forget Mcdo’s ketchup. taste a LOT BETTER than jabi’s.

  36. slyrye says:

    Rubbish comparison in the first place “Jollibee burgers are fucking american rip-offs” make your own fucking product you fucking imitators!!!

  37. Yum and Burger McDo fan says:

    I like all because the Yum and Burger McDo has the same taste, texture, and color

  38. […] bun on the BK Stacks, on the other hand, is nothing special. It’s quite similar to the bread McDonald’s uses for all their sandwiches. Its simplicity, however, successfully elevates the beef patties and the […]

  39. Bea says:

    For some reason, all Jollibee patties have a weird smell… @_@ I hate eating it in any enclosed area (aside from the actual Jollibee store) because the smell quickly goes around the room and permeates everything. Ugh. Just because of that, I always choose Mc Do, no matter how much bigger or cheaper or beef-ier or “fulfilling” the Yum burger may be over Mc Do.

  40. […] those catchy commercials on television are to be believed, merienda is the sole territory of fast food burger heavyweights. However, any homegrown Filipino will tell you that creepy, ginger-haired clowns or bug-eyed jolly […]

  41. Sean Micheal Clark says:

    MCDO, Jollibee, Chowking, Burger King, Greenwich Pizza, Red Ribbon, Who cares about any of these place to eat. They are all JUST CRAP, Both the freaky Clown and the Cult god Jollibee serve inedible, substandard food. Substituted is real nutrition and put in it’s place is chemical concoctions of addictive sugars, Salt and Unnatural preservatives. The above mentioned so called BURGERS are really byproducts of who knows what animals that have been grinded into a PINK SLIM that’s designed to keep the sheeple, Fat, Dumb, Sick and with poor health, that tacks on expensive medical bills. Mcdo and Jollibee are here for one purpose only MONEY. They don’t care about the poor and cultic sheeples who are getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes from their garbage that,”TASTE SO YUMMY!” AND IS ONLY 29 Php”.Just as long as the sheeple keep handing over their last 29 Php.To make sure this happens very RICH, GREEDY and POWERFUL CORPORATIONS will pay and bombarded the sheeple with celebrities like Toni Gonzaga, to endorsing their OHH so Masarap BOK BOK McDo Chicken…Fool them Mr Cruz with your obvious endorsement propaganda but you will not fool me. What’s sad to me is to see parents just falling in line and handing over their young and impressionable children over to these RICH, GREEDY and POWERFUL CORPORATIONS. Parents are encouraging and supporting these CORPORATIONS not only by buying their products but also having their little ones birthday parties events housed, catered and hosted by the Psycho Clown or the Fat “TO FRIENDLY IT”S CREEPY” Bee!!!. Tell the Clown and the Bee, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY KIDS…

    • Philosophical Epal says:

      Whatever bro, have a yumburger. I workout and dine at fancy-shmancy restaurants, but I won’t deny I’ll crave for a burger and fries from any of these fast-food places once in a while. And stop making your Asian girl type your rants for you.

  42. JLS says:

    Love the article, as for those who still think they are all the same, see a doctor to verify if you have taste buds.

  43. JLS says:

    PS Secret McDo spread.

    1/2 cup mayonnaise
    2 tablespoons French dressing
    4 teaspoons sweet pickle relish
    1 tablespoon finely minced white onion
    1 teaspoon white vinegar
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1/8 teaspoon salt

  44. John Sy says:

    Hehehe… bitter

  45. jacob says:


  46. Donny B says:

    Both burgers taste terrible.

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