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Yue Lai’s Raspberry Pork will Make You Reconsider Your Love for the Sweet & Sour Classic

February 8, 2018

Yue Lai Seafood & Hot Pot Restaurant started as an idea by a group of food enthusiasts who would have regular get-togethers at the restaurant where Yue Lai now stands. When that group discovered that one of their go-to spots would be closing, they decided to keep the spot alive, acquiring the space from the previous owner and developing their own concept.

Spot Yue Lai in a corner clustered with Chinese restaurants by this sign.

Since 2007, when they first opened, Yue Lai has become a comfortable and well-known restaurant where families and groups of long-time buddies (just like the founders) enjoy frequenting. And while the restaurant itself specializes in seafood and hot pot (as the name proclaims), there is one dish not fitting either of this categories that we need to talk about.


Bites of blueberries and strawberries await you.

They tell us that one of the founders stumbled upon this recipe while on a trip abroad, and they soon found themselves in the Yue Lai kitchen concocting their own version of it. It’s a sweet, tangy, berry take on the well-loved Pinoy favorite sweet and sour pork, yet while the base is the same, it takes on a new tone with the berry-based sauce. Less bent on showcasing an extreme array of intense and enjoyable flavors like a pop song on the radio, but more on displaying something cheerful and easygoing like a song from an upbeat musical.

Balance that red out with some green.

And if you’re looking for something to accompany it, we recommend the sizzling bokchoy, which is garlicky with a slight ginger throat burn and a smooth, buttery mouthfeel. Sip on a refreshing cucumber lemonade to really bring out the sweetness of the berries.


A restaurant along A. Mabini Street in Malate that specializes in seafood and hot pot.

ADDRESS: 1668 A. Mabini St. Malate, Metro Manila
VISIT: 11AM-2AM daily
CONTACT: / (02) 400-6395
SPEND: PHP 200-800
FOLLOW: Facebook / Website

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