You May Call Us Cheaters for Not Starting from Scratch, but this Abé Sikreto ni Maria Hack is Our Easiest One Yet

Besides, how can you call us cheaters when that is what food hacking is all about? We made this incredibly easy food hack of Abé, the famous restaurant by the LJC Group. Their most famous dessert, Sikreto ni Maria, is no longer a secret.

There’s really nothing to it beyond assembling the 4 components that make this dish. It then all simply becomes a matter of sourcing suman that is right for it. But if you want to make your suman from scratch, you can adapt one of our old recipes.

Abé Sikreto ni Maria Food Hack



Serving Size

4 people

Active Time

25 minutes

Total Time

25 Minutes

  1. Unwrap suman and place in a shallow bowl or plate.
  2. Top with sliced mangoes.
  3. Take the macapuno ice cream and stir in a bowl until slightly softened.
  4. Cover the suman and mangoes in the softened ice cream.
  5. Top with a grating of panocha or muscovado sugar.

One Response

  1. I haven’t tried the Abe version. What type of suman is this? The one with a hint of sweetness or the plain one that’s usually dipped in sugar?

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