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Yes Please’s Everything Nice Fries Has Fried Chicken, Chorizo and Steak On It

November 17, 2018

Yes Please has garnered a dedicated group of regulars who dig its unserious and fun 80’s and 90’s house party vibe. They play music that we know and love, as we’re surrounded by neon lights, and wall murals that remind of of sailor tattoos mixed with t-shirt illustrations from 90’s skate brands.

The Le Gaston cocktail (left side) is a bourbon-based smoked cocktail we’d recommend.

While Yes Please is located in the The Palace Manila, and is best known for their cocktail menu (which is updated about every 4 months, so you can always expect something new!), they deserve a little more notice for their food. In particular, we are obsessed with:


Who needs sugar and spice when you have steak on your fries?

Forget any so-called “fully loaded” fries you’ve seen. This is the real thing. Yes Please’s Everything Nice Fries represent beef, chicken, and pork, in one sharable dish that’s good for 4 tipsy people. The steak is cooked so that you get it juicy, the fried chicken is crispy, and the chorizo adds saltiness that complement the deep-fried potatoes. Color and crunch are added to it by way of slivers of red and green bell peppers, and a touch of tang is brought in by the sour cream. The generously melted cheese that engulfs the fries literally and figuratively holds the dish together. And at PHP 390, you don’t have to dig too deep into your wallet.


A cocktail bar on the second floor of The Palace Manila inspired by bars found in East New York.

ADDRESS: 11th Street cor. 38th Avenue, BGC, Taguig City
VISIT: 6PM–3AM Mondays to Saturdays / closed Sundays
CONTACT: (0917) 140-7777
SPEND: PHP400–1200
FOLLOW: Instagram / Facebook

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