Homemade Food Gets Sophisticated with Xáncho

May 24, 2020

It’s usually when I’m waist-deep into the semester in university when my body can no longer stand the taste of oatmeal and starts craving a nice home cooked meal. It’s times like these where I think Tokyo needs more food services like Xáncho, delicious gourmet food-to-go for dinner hosts or people who don’t have time to cook good food. Xáncho might be a step up from the standard home cooked meal, but these hearty dishes are restaurant-quality meals with a certain element of TLC that makes them taste like a special Sunday dinner at home.

L: Chicken Tempranillo and Chicken Tarragon | R: Estofat de Bouf

We tried the chicken tempranillo with forest mushrooms, shallots, and guanciale, chicken tarragon with oyster mushrooms in a cream sauce, and the estofat de boeuf, a Catalan beef stew with homemade chorizo. The tempranillo is a type of grape native to Spain, and is used in the first dish; the chicken was tender and had a deep flavor of wine. When reheated, chicken is usually dry and not as good as when freshly cooked, but this wasn’t the case for this, and the tarragon dish. The chicken tarragon was luscious and creamy but not too heavy that the cream overpowered the chicken. The mushrooms had absorbed taste of the wine, making them rich in flavor in each bite. But the crowd favorite was the Catalan beef stew; the meat fell apart with a wooden spoon and was so pungent with flavor from all the spices. The chorizo definitely did not take a backseat to the meat, and instead was a show on its own; it was succulent and also rich. All three dishes would be good with a crusty piece of bread to pick up the leftover sauce, or for the more Pinoy palate, on top of some steaming hot rice.

Xáncho’s menu changes regularly and come in frozen tubs ready to thaw and reheat. But don’t let that throw you off, their dishes are nothing like takeout, and will taste as fresh as they were when they were newly cooked. Their tubs are relatively big, and are perfect for potluck, for a few days worth of meals.

Have you tried any of Xáncho’s homemade meals? Which one’s your favorite? Tell us with a comment below!


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