Have You Tried These Chocolate Chip Cookies from Restock? You Should!

There is always a reason to eat cookies. Trust me, it goes beyond the ‘cheat day’ excuse. Blame our mothers for brainwashing our tiny souls with shows like Sesame Street that come with adorable glutton characters such as Cookie Monster, shoving chocolate chip cookies down into his furry mouth and doing it all over again. He is, after all, just being true to his namesake. One may say that nostalgia can only get you so far when the subject of ‘cookies’ is brought up. But step foot inside a bakery where freshly-cooked batches of the stuff are churned out. It can make your soul melt in a heartbeat, your diet becoming non-existent (but was there even one to begin with)?


I love cookies so much—from the simple chewy chocolate chip variety that you can swipe from the airport (hello, Famous Amos!) hypnotizing you with that cookie smell, to the ones from Levain Bakery that I have to literally beg for whenever someone goes to the States. Momofuku Milk Bar has done various permutations from Compost to Blueberry Muffin, and locally, we’ve got bakers like Cy Henares from The Bald Baker and Mano Lotho from Dough Dealer (where you can get those addictive Noma Staff Meal and Butter Pop Corn cookies that taste like smushed corn muffins). But there is one cookie that has recently caught the attention of my taste buds, ticking a lot of boxes in my cookie checklist. Just kidding, I don’t have one. These are just too good that I needed to write about them. Yes, it’s that kind of cookie.


Restock, located right beside 12/10 in Guijo, is known as a quirky little lifestyle hub that’s cozy and tastefully designed. It’s one of those stores where you end up buying a lot of things you don’t need, but sort-of do because they’re cute or pretty. But forget all that for now. By the counter sits a glass dish, and enclosed inside are a stack of some of the best chocolate chip cookies ever, radiating the same preciousness as the rose in Beauty and the Beast.


I’ve heard that one of the 12/10 staff members makes these cookies. At PHP 85 each, they are huge enough for you to initially think they’re good for sharing, but after eating half, you realize that one is not enough. The cookie is slightly crumbly, slightly chewy, soft, and spangled with generous amounts of chocolate (which can vary depending on the cookie you choose). Each bite sends a saccharine rush throughout your body and at the same time, soothes the soul. People may have different definitions of comfort food, but this one is definitely one of the tops-of-mind. Simple but well-executed, this cookie pairs excellently with some cold brew coffee (by Jonathan Choi of Magnum Opus!). There are visible granules of salt that cut through the sweetness brought by the glossy chocolate chips—and the best part is that these cookies are not sickeningly sweet. There is some fun licking my chocolate-stained fingers clean, reminding me of childhood when I’d lick off the cookie dough from the wooden spoon (which I still do until today).


I don’t need to look anywhere else for my perfect chocolate chip cookie here in Metro Manila. I’ve found it. 12/10 person-maker-of-these-beautiful-cookies, beware. Once I meet you, I will bug you relentlessly every single waking day of my life until I squeeze that freaking cookie recipe out of you.

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Address: 7635 Guijo Street, Makati

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  1. Moist? Are they moist? They look moist #HeavyBreathing.

    Ugh, just when I told myself I was getting fat. Thanks a lot 😉

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