These Green Tea Cookies by Lady Matcha Manila Have Got Us Swooning, Alright!

February 29, 2020

Almost everyone on the Pepper team is obsessed with matcha. When we pitch for recipe ideas each month, there is bound to be one dessert that somehow involves the green stuff; in fact we’ve already indulged one of our fantasies and concocted a wicked matcha hot chocolate. It is definitely a flavor that is all the rage lately, with Japanese cafés popping up left and right, offering lattés infused with the intense, herby stuff. Heck, there are now even cafés solely devoted to it. Maybe it’s because this powder is perfect in sweets, from traditional mochi to extremely gooey lava cakes.

Matcha Lady1

So when we saw Lady Matcha’s green tea cookies on our Instagram feed, with quite a few people vouching for it, us obsessive food folks at Pepper knew that we needed to try this thing out for ourselves. Getting the perfect balance of matcha in a dessert is a calculated science; sometimes they’re only used for color, and rarely have the intensely grassy taste which is what you really want out of it.

Matcha Lady 2  

Lady Matcha’s cookie may at first be mild on those tasting notes, but once you bite into a matcha chunk, it is a whole different story. This is everything you could ever want out of a matcha cookie: a little sweetness from white chocolate, varying degrees of herbaceous intensity, then a smattering of sea salt to prevent it from getting too cloyingly sweet or overwhelming. I’d prefer the texture just a little gooier, but letting it stay out a bit in this heat in order for the chunks to slightly melt into the cookie works fine too. They are so good, I’m eating one right now.

Are you a matcha fan just like us? Have you tried Lady Matcha’s cookies? What’s your verdict? Share your thoughts below!

Lady Matcha

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Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

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  1. I love The Bald Baker’s Matchallows!

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