These Marshmallows Dripping in Sticky Butterscotch May Just Be Our New Favorite Sweet Thing

February 14, 2020

There are various ways to describe a marshmallow, but ‘addictive’ is hardly one of them. Poofy, sticky, and starchy, these pantry staples are frequently overlooked and only devoured in the presence of graham crackers and milk chocolate bars. Also a common sight in summer camps, soda fountains, candy shops (usually smothered and hiding inside hardened chocolate), marshmallows are indeed a common sight, but they are rarely craved for…except perhaps these ones.

Sticky B1

I’ve carried a particular fondness for homemade marshmallows. They are extra wrinkly, sometimes even crumbly, a bit stickier than the regular jet-puffed variant, but what I like the most about them is that they are highly customizable. I’ve tried orange peel ones, heard of mojito-flavored ones, and we’ve played around with mango lassi marshmallows (whose taste and texture I look for—a lot). There is a certain pleasure in biting into these edible pillows, especially when they are homemade since it’s very easy to just get a pack in the nearest convenience store. That’s why when I heard of It’s Sticky Business and their luscious-souding mallows, I thought of giving them a try. I thought it was a pretty special product, especially when you have tons of people churning out cookies and cakes and cupcakes. Plus they were supported with good reviews.

Butterscotch Marshmallows, PHP 250/dozen

We always think that marshmallows by themselves are already too sweet. They need no extra coating, but those from It’s Sticky Business come in either butterscotch or Belgian chocolate. Reading it on the label made me think twice about giving these sweets a try. I was afraid that they would be too cloying and send me jumping up and down like a Mexican bean because of the excessive sweetness, but after taking a bite—damn, I was hooked.

Belgian Chocolate Marshmallows, PHP 350/dozen

The Belgian chocolate was a bit lacking in the cocoa flavor I was expecting, but the butterscotch ones took the cake. And no, they are not too sweet to the point that you would need 3 glasses of water just to wash the sugar down. The marshmallow’s consistency contains just the right amount of poof while remaining dense and bouncy at the same time. The butterscotch—yes, it’s sticky—tasted more like a salted caramel, with the salt and sweet bouncing off each other turning what seems like a sickeningly sweet marshmallow into a well-balanced one. Did they live up to the hype? Hell yeahz. Their tagline reads: “It’s sticky business, but someone’s gotta do it!” And boy, am I glad they did.

Sticky B4

It’s Sticky Business

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