Who Knew These Uni Chips from Ikkoryu Ramen Would Be So Fukuokaing Good?!

April 16, 2020

With July’s stormy clouds looming over Metro Manila skies, there will be more reason to eat ramen. In the local scene, we’ve got a lot of options—Ippudo, Nagi, Yushoken, and, of course, Ikkoryu. But I’m not here to talk about their ramen—theirs may not be my favorite, but boy, am I glad at how they’ve expanded their array of appetizers to include this delicious new snack that has instantly become a quick favorite of mine.

Ikkoryu 3b

Ikkoryu’s Uni Chips may have been something I glazed over the last time I dined there, but an accidental introduction made me find myself hopping over to a branch just to get a take-away bag filled with the stuff.

Ikkoryu 3a

When I tell my friends that Ikkoryu’s got some pretty kick-ass Uni Chips, they tend to think that the chips themselves are made of uni—which I can’t fault them for, given their slightly misleading name. Perhaps Ikkoryu should make this clearer and replace ‘Uni Chips’ with ‘Chips and Uni Dip’ because it is exactly just that (just a suggestion!). I see the deflated look on my friends’ faces when I whip out the plastic take-away container packed with chips and they look crestfallen to see that they’re made of wanton—but they are very good wanton chips, to my defense.

Ikkoryu 3c

I’ve had these chips and uni dip at least three times already (!!!) since I came across them last month, and though the dip can be improved on in terms of consistency (it’s a bit on the watery side), flavor-wise it’s pretty darn good. Ikkoryu’s uni dip is brimming with the briny flavor of sea urchin. Though the consistency really is an issue for me, I’m glad that at least the uni flavor was not compromised.

Before catching a movie, I’d normally go to my favorite movie snack joint and grab either some sour cream tortilla chips with sour cream dip, or sour cream popcorn with 4 ladles of melted butter. Ikkoryu’s Uni Chips, though, I’ve discovered made me forget about my staples and just go for it. Come to think of it, watching movie is unnecessary. I’d take these chips any time of any day, thank you very much.

Have you tried Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen’s Uni Chips? What did you think of them? Tell us your thoughts with a comment below!

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  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    You sound like such a wanton for these chips 😉

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