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Casa Amarilla’s Chorizo is Spicing Up the Breakfast Spread

May 7, 2020

While corned beef, tocino, and tapa are top choices for everyday breakfast fare, we’ve jumped off the bandwagon for some Spanish-style chorizo. Casa Amarilla’s chorizo is pleasantly salty to the bite, punctuated by their own blend of herbs and spices. A small family business that’s been around since 2002, Amarilla serves chorizo in just two ways—patties, which can be stuffed in a sandwich, or can replace the dated burger patty. And if that isn’t to your liking, they’ll give you the option to just go naked. The uncased chorizo, when cooked in its own fat, renders bits that can be crumbled over anything from pasta, to potatoes, to downright plain white rice on a plate! In our case, we swung both ways and went for both.


Here’s what went down: the chorizo patty was stacked above a toasted muffin, before being crowned by a poached egg and a veil of garlic hollandaise sauce, for a Spanish-inspired Eggs Benedict. Then we put together a bowl of chorizo sinangag with a poached yolk at its center. Really though, this garlicky blend from Casa Amarilla can be eaten any way you like–take our word for it.


What’s your favorite breakfast food find? How do you cook it? Share your recipes with us below!

Casa Amarilla

Number: 0916 424 9388

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