What We’re Loving Now: Did You Know that Burger Machine has a PHP 18 Sans Rival that’s Pretty Good

If you’re lost in the middle of a commute or walking along a busy street looking for cheap grub, Burger Machine is both a rare yet regular sight to see. On one hand, you wonder how it still manages to survive amidst its less fortunate locations. On the other, its filling yet extremely cheap burger combos are perfect during a late night run or when your wallet has bled its worth. Regulars who frequent Burger Machine will find that their menu has so much more to offer beyond double patties and other combo burgers, such as the sans rival.

Burger Machine Sansrival1

Yes, you read that right: Burger Machine sells sans rival! For just PHP 18, you can order a soft, buttercream filled dessert to go with your burger. Burger Machine’s sans rival was a godsend back when I worked in Rockwell, as it removed that odd after taste I got after having one of the burgers. But even on its own, Burger Machine’s sans rival stands out and makes for an appetizing merienda. Although smaller than what you’d get at a local café, you taste far more than the PHP 18 you paid. That creamy, slightly sweet, but dominantly buttery flavor hits the sweet spot upon first bite. The sans rival is small enough to carry around and consume while you’re walking. Don’t let the messy presentation fool you: all that buttercream is worth getting all over your mouth and hands. The buttercream is also contrasted by enough cashews, which all crunch in the mouth.

Burger Machine Sansrival3

There’s so much happening in this tiny sans rival that it’s hard to believe it only goes for less than twenty bucks. It’s also an unlikely menu item given Burger Machine’s reputation and roster, but those who visit that go-to stall definitely know the hidden treat displayed proudly on their menu.

Burger Machine Sansrival4

Have you tried Burger Machine’s sans rival? What do you think of this unlikely dessert offered by an iconic burger stall? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. They also have the sansrival cake for a hundred pesos ONLY! I’ve only seen posters though, and from what I’ve learned, I think those should be ordered ahead of time.. I grew up eating their sansrival. I’m glad it’s still cheap, though smaller. I remember it used to be longer, like, broas length.

  2. ooh, yeah, the sans rival from BM was always a treat… but now it is kinda expensive, from less than P10 in the late 90’s…

  3. It got tiny like, baby-sized puny. But for 18 bucks, why not? Are their burgers hepa-free still?

  4. They’re selling bigger size worth 100 pesos (notebook size i guess? :p) Just saw it yesterday at Makati. Not sure though if it applies with other stalls. 🙂

  5. during grade school and high school, burger machine sans rival was my personal reward for a job well done.

    i hope they still have their chicken burger. mas masarap yun than the burgers, IMHO.

  6. it used to be P12 🙂

    do they still have the Roast Beef? Gahd, I’ll buy one on Saturday!

  7. Wow I miss BM! I really love their Longga Burger with egg, barbecue sauce and coleslaw. Looks yucky but really yummy :q and yes, it’s good with Sans rival.

  8. Which BM branch did you get it from?

    When I was elementary, there was a BM near a computer cafe I used to frequent way back when Savemore Sikatuna was still Glory Supermarket. Long-term Maginhawa residents should know this.
    Back then, BM had a clear container where they kept the packed desserts. I remember seeing brownies, butterscotch bars, and sansrival there. I always liked the butterscotch while my brother would have his favorite sansrival.

    As BM gradually lost business, so did they lose the dessert displays (as well as my favorite chicken burger with mushroom gravy).

    I’m glad they’re bringing it back. Hopefully to all branches.

    1. For the last few years the sans rival was the only dessert on the menu. They’re now introducing (or re-introduced?) the coffee sans rival bar in particular branches.

  9. Seriously?! 18 bucks nearly 2 decades later?! In the late 90’s, that Burger Machine sans rival was 12-15 pesos. But then, it was big enough to be shared by two, but I’d eat it all.

    1. Got mine from the UN Avenue branch, but I’m sure the ones you find nearer have this too 😀

  10. Burger Machine’s sansrival is a long-time menu secret. My uncle (lives in US) specifically looks for BM branches just for these. As they remind him of his college days (back in the early 90s!) 😀

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