WWLN: Bisquitilla’s Modern Alfajores Might Be Better than Macarons

Macarons have become one of Manila’s favorite sweet treats, and in just a few years it has become ubiquitous. There are places devoted to it alone, and ice cream and tea places that serve macarons to sate sweet tooths. I love a delicate macaron, and am excited for Laduree’s seemingly confirmed opening, but often think: what’s next? While scouring bazaars during the Christmas season, I thought I found the answer in Bisquitilla. I was about to skip the stall thinking it was another homemade macaron business that wouldn’t deliver, but I was surprised to find that they were making cookies that reminded me of my childhood: alfajores. I always remember alfajores as a crumby, shortbread biscuit filled with dulce de leche in the middle. More often than not, I found them to be dry, and as a kid, all I wanted were some chewy chocolate chips. As I grew older though, I learned to appreciate its texture, leading the cookie to crumble gently in the mouth, embracing the powdered sugar and caramel to make the perfect bite.


Bisquitilla is an incredibly smart concept, taking tradition, and putting a modern, inventive spin on it. They have a batch of regular flavors: Salted Hazelnut, Orange Chocolate, Rosemary Lemon, Dulce de Leche, Red Velvet, all of which are artfully done. The biscuit is my favorite type of shortbread—light and crumbly without ever feeling dry on your palate. The filling is mostly thick and sweet buttercream, and the flavor combinations turn the whole thing into a trendy treat that foodies will be clamouring for. The Rosemary Lemon was a slightly herbal, sweet, and tart confection that was never too sweet, and always delicious. Their Christmas flavors were good as well, with a gingerbread one that was well-spiced, and an addicting take on Twix that was all chocolate-y goodness.


After posting it all over Instagram and telling all our friends about how obsessed about it we were, Bisquitilla even let us Pepper folks come up with a crazy flavor all on our own, Basil Pink Peppercorn Shortbread with a rich Vanilla Buttercream.I ate 3 out of 5.


What makes Bisquitilla even better is the fact that the packaging is done well, making it the perfect little gift for friends and family; they’re coming up with a few new flavors for Valentine’s day which I’m sure will be just as addicting as their combinations before.


Have you tried Bisquitilla? What’s your favorite home-baked discovery in Manila? Tell us your discoveries below!


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  1. i want to like them, I really do, but I taste more margarine than butter. gotta respect the innovative flavors and all, but at the end of the day i’m still more about quality in minimalist products.

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