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Eat Katsu In a New Way at Maisen

September 20, 2015

In the advent of renowned international food chains setting up shop in the country, one might wonder, what’s next? The answer came when Maisen, one of Japan’s leading katsu chains, landed on Philippine shores.

A typical katsu enthusiast would probably go for the bestselling Kurobuta as the first dish. The signature, freshly-made apple sauce coupled with the light and crispy panko breading brings out the flavor of the Kurobuta. Even if Maisen isn’t the pioneer in the katsu realm here in the country, there seems to be a steadfast following with one of their latest offerings, a new, refreshing way of enjoying the Japanese favorite—the Katsumabushi set, which can be enjoyed in three ways.


The set is served with the original tenderloin katsu in bite-sized portions over a bed of nori and soft Japanese rice. It also includes onsen tamago, dashi stock, and a heaping of condiments such as fresh wasabi and sesame seeds. The idea is to eat the katsu bowl on its own or combine other elements that comes with the set. Try merging the katsu bowl with a soft boiled egg, spreading some fresh wasabi, and pouring the dashi stock over it to finish. It may sound like a mouthful of things to deal with for a meal, but with the combination of these components, it is a food adventure on its own. Caution though, soaking the katsu too long may cause it get be a bit soggy.

Have you tried Katsumabushi? Is there any other katsu out there you’d like us to try?

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