Kylie Jenner Scores Her Own Cooking Show, Philippines Hosts the World Street Food Congress, and More on Food This Week

February 26, 2016
Street Food Manila

—In local news, the Philippines is set to hold the World Street Food Congress this year at the Bonifacio Global City. Founded by photographer-turned-entrepreneur KF Seetoh, the congress began in 2013 as a way to promote and preserve the heritage of street food.

—The Kardashian mania continues. Kylie Jenner now has her own cooking show which debuts with a take on candied yams. It’s nothing special, really, just another Kardashian attempt to corner the growing media market. You can watch it on her subscription-based site for $2.99 a month.

New York Salt Ruling

—A New York ruling now requires chain restaurants—with 15 or more locations—to indicate which items on the menu have high sodium . These establishments were given until last December to comply, with fines taking effect at the beginning of March. 

Munchies released a list of ways drugs are being smuggled in food. From sticking cocaine in food, or passing it off as alcohol beverages, to methamphetamine disguised as lollipops and chocolate, the article explores the creativity of how to transport illegal drugs. 

salmon with drugs

—A recent study in salmon that pass through Washington’s Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, reveals that their bodies are littered with high amounts of drugs—like Advil, Prozac, and birth control pills—due to human waste. Around the area, wastewater facilities release an estimated 97,000 pounds of chemicals each year, and some can be severely detrimental to the fish’s growth.

—A couple sued Burger King for, wait for it, $17 and won. Doug and Patty Wargo sued the fast food chain after it charged them for their meal, which they got wrong, and charged again when the right order came. The case lingered for three months which raked up almost $120 in legal fees for the two, which BK will also be paying.

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