Will St. Marc Café’s Chococros from Japan Be a Hit in Manila?

August 20, 2019
St Marc's Choco Cro1

The Chococro has come to town. Japan’s popular coffee shop, St. Marc Cafe, has opened its first Philippine branch at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall. The Chococro, their signature pastry, is available in chocolate-coffee and strawberry daifuku flavors. Also on the menu are specialty coffee drinks, desserts, and sandwiches.

St Marc's Choco Cro2St Marc's Choco Cro3St Marc's Choco Cro4St Marc's Choco Cro5

In Japan, if it’s not a Starbucks, it’s a St. Marc’s Cafe. The chain boasts around three hundred branches and counting in Japan alone, with a handful of branches in Singapore and China. St. Marc Cafe and the Chococro have a huge following abroad, but it’s looking like tough competition for them amidst the many new coffee shops opening up around the metro.

St Marc's Choco Cro6

Will there be a Chococro craze in Metro Manila? What are you looking to try from St. Marc Cafe? Tell us what you think with a comment below.

Mia Marci Mia Marci

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4 responses to “Will St. Marc Café’s Chococros from Japan Be a Hit in Manila?”

  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    Looks like one of those places that I’d try only if:

    1. I was passing by,
    2. There was no line.

    I wonder how the coffee is, though.

  2. Jun Mendoza says:

    The strawberry version of the chococro is amazeballs. Also, the desserts look amazing in real life. I bet they also taste great (I so wanted to grab the dessert from the other guy). The only issue for me is the space. It feels just a little too cluttered for my liking.

  3. nahkta says:

    The Chococro is great as well, with a good chunk of chocolate in the middle. A lot better than most chocolate croissants here that barely has any chocolate.

    Not much of a line right now but when they run out of Chococros (as some would buy a dozen or so) there can be a bit of a wait for the new batch.

  4. Nadine says:

    I was in Tokyo last March, walking around Shinjuku and passed by this cafe. I Googled the cafe when I went back to the hotel. Their chococro has good reviews, so I went back the next day and ordered 2. Verdict – yum : ) And now they have a branch here, yayy!

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