Back in culinary school, we were never allowed to use electric mixers to whip cream. Our chefs wanted us to become familiar with all the stages cream goes through when whipped, and doing it manually was a great way for us to learn.

Whipped cream is extremely easy to make at home. It tastes better and is so much more satisfying to use than the ones you get from pressurized canisters.

To make whipped cream, you will need a whisk, a bowl, and premium quality thick or whipping cream that’s been chilled in the refrigerator. We used Anchor but feel free to use other brands. Just don’t use any of those low-quality creams that harden up when refrigerated.

Whip Cream1

Simply pour the cold cream into the bowl and start whipping. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to whip it hard. Slow and steady strokes will do the trick.

Whip Cream2

As you beat the cream, you will see for yourself all of its different stages. The more you whip, the stiffer and firmer the cream gets. Be careful not to over whip the cream, though, as it can break down and turn into butter.

Whip Cream3

Lightly whipped cream is thick but still fluid. It can be used as a topping for iced desserts.

Whip Cream4

Soft peak whipped cream is slightly thicker, but still on the softer side. It can be used to top warm chocolate cakes or freshly baked apple pie.

Whip Cream 5

Stiff peak whipped cream is more solid in texture and consistency. It can be piped, and is used to plate desserts like a Napoleon or St. Honore.

Whipped cream is a very versatile ingredient. Add some sugar, lemon juice, and lemon zest and you have Lemon Whipped Cream to use as a topping on your cheesecakes. If you mix in sugar and vanilla and you get what the French call Crème Chantilly.

Now that you know how easy it is to make, the next time you come across a recipe that needs whipped cream, forget the store bought versions and just whip some up yourself.

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  1. Hi can I ask if I can use a Reconstituted Cream which is a product of Nestle also in making a wipping Cream? the fat consistency of this 12 g per 50 g serving of 300 g Net Weight? Thanks and More Power God Bless.

  2. Hi! Where can I buy whipping cream? Does SM Supermarket have those? And do you have any sibstitute products for making whipping cream? Does confectioners’ sugar will also do? Please reply, i’m very confused between whipping cream and frosting. Thank you

  3. Hello! thanks for this. My cousin and I used the anchor whipping cream and chilled it overnight. We chilled both the bowl and the whip prior to using it. It came out great! However, it curdled once we added vanilla. We were wondering what happened or where we went wrong.

    1. Nestle All-Purpose cream unfortunately does not whip as well ( if any at all) as actual “Whipping” or “Heavy” cream. For cream to whip, it needs a fat content of about 30% and above. Look on the side of the box, it usually indicates a 32 -35% fat content, and the first item on the Ingredients list is Cream.

      Any of the all purpose “creams” we get in the supermarket (those that firm up by themselves once refrigerated) are mostly water (check the ingredients list….the first ingredient is water) with some milk solids thrown in, some vegetable fat, etc. When worked for too long, they often have a noticeable greasy taste and off color.

  4. can i use nestle cream (the canned one not the tetra pack all purpose one) to make whipped cream?

    1. I’ve never tried using canned Nestlé cream so I can’t answer. It’s best to use heavy cream or cream labelled at “whipping cream”. They should only be found in the refrigerated sections in the grocery.

    1. Yes, as they whip best. We used double cream back in New Yogk but unfortunately not readily available in Manila.

  5. I’ve seen on a show that it helps quicken the process if you use a chilled bowl when whipping cream by hand. is that true?

  6. I’ve never once whipped cream by hand and I regret nothing… I’ve seen all the stages of whipped cream and I’m good. Why insist on doing things manually when you’ve got a beautiful Kitchenaid Pro600 sitting on the kitchen counter?

    1. Hi Camilla! There’s no reason why we shouldn’t use electrical mixers as long as it’s home made with quality cream.

  7. I rarely buy the store-bought type (because i can never finish the can…), so I whip it myself. Never tried hand whipping it (i use a stand mixer), but I’ll give it a try next time I bake ^^

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