What to Eat in Pan de Manila (That’s not Pan de Sal)

Coffee, pandesal, and your favorite bread spread: these are the three key ingredients to a classic breakfast. Some of us grew up with the pandesal from our local bakery or even buns fresh from our grandparents’ oven. Now, we have Pan de Manila to thank for making our country’s favorite bread accessible during our adulthood. But apart from this store’s famous pandesal, Pan de Manila also offers a wide selection of products that include Spanish-style drinks and other breakfast viands.

1. Pan de Manila All-natural Peanut Butter

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Pan de Manila lets us enjoy pandesal with either the creamy or crunchy variation of all-natural peanut butter. A quick taste of the creamy peanut butter only costs PHP 10 for the sachet, while those who want a stash at the office can get the small size for PHP 35. The medium creamy peanut butter jar is affordable at PHP 68, while the bigger jar can keep you stocked for just PHP 90. The crunchy peanut butter’s price range starts at PHP 35 for the small, PHP 72 for the medium jar, and PHP 95 for the big jar.

2. Jams


“Palaman” is essential to any Filipino breakfast, which is why Pan de Manila offers three kinds of jam: coco jam, guava jam, and mango jam. Coco jam is a tasty alternative for those who aren’t up for a fruity spread. If you want a fruitier twist to your spread, then go for the guava and mango jams. All three can add that much needed sweetness to a pandesal spread with butter. (Jam prices:coco jam, small size at PHP 35; medium at PHP 70; big at PHP 90 and PHP 92 for big mango and guava jam.)

3. Mild and Spicy Sardines


If you prefer a savory yet tangy filling to your bread or want an alternative to the bottle options in the supermarket, Pan de Manila sells its own mild and spicy sardines. The Tomato Sauce flavor is priced at PHP 85, while the Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle is sold at PHP 110. The tomato sauce flavor is recommended for anyone after a tangier taste, while the olive oil version mixes well with rice or could be a helpful ingredient to pasta.

4. Gourmet Bangus


If you’ve been having sardines for days, then Pan de Manila lets you shake things up with their Century Tuna Gourmet Bangus. The Spanish style fillets are flavored in extra virgin oil and soya oil, so you can soak your rice in the oil or have it as a thicker “palaman” to your pandesal. An olive oil can is priced at an affordable PHP 65, while the soya oil version is priced at PHP 55.

5. Pan de Donuts


Pan de Manila offers its own take on the doughnut craze in the pan de donut. Their dough is baked instead of fried, thus making Pan de Manila’s version a little “healthier” than its counterparts. The baked dough is softer than what you’d usually eat in other stores, so expect to have the sweet icing all over your lips. The Pan de Donuts’ flavors include Chocnut Crumble, Chunky Crookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Cocojammers, and Piling Pili. A box of two costs PHP 80, four pieces are at PHP 140, six at PHP 180, and 12 pieces are sold at PHP 320.

6. Café Mocha


The Café Mocha is a personal favorite that combines two of my favorite things: coffee and dark chocolate. This drink is able to deliver the strong flavors of coffee and chocolate, without one ingredient overwhelming the other. It is comforting when served hot, and refreshingly thick yet sweet when you have it chilled or iced.

7. Café Con Leche

If you’re a fan of Spanish style coffee, then the Café con Leche lets you have it 3-in-1 style. This creamier version of the Café Mocha is perfect for those who want more sweetness and milk in their instant coffee. We suggest dunking a hot pandesal into a warm cup of Café con Leche to enjoy the smoothness of this drink.

8. Chocolate con Leche

Pan de Manila’s instant drink lineup also includes another breakfast classic. This drink is almost as rich as the Spanish-style chocolate we all enjoy on a cold morning. The Chocolate con Leche’s balance of bitter and sweet also makes this powder mix the perfect comfort drink after a long day.

9. Chocolate Blanco

The Chocolate Blanco is the Chocolate con Leche’s sweeter and more innocent tasting brother. Pan de Manila’s white chocolate drink tastes similar to Nido and other milk powder brands of our childhood, but with a much sweeter finish.

10. Chocolate Con Nueces

The Chocolate Con Nueces is Pan de Manila’s most decadent drink, as it combines the flavors of cocoa, muscovado, and peanuts. The bitter flavor of cocoa blends well with the muscovado’s sweetness, while the peanuts blend seamlessly with both ingredients upon first sip. The result is a drink that tastes a lot like melted chocnut, but without being too rich. You can enjoy it warm during the ‘ber months or have it chilled on a humid day.

What are your favorite non-pandesal products from Pan de Manila? What do you suggest others buy from the store besides pandesal? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. And why is there no mention of PdM’s herbed and anchovy-infused cream cheese blends? Those aren’t just perfect for smushing into hot pan de sal, they also make homemade macaroni and cheese hit the next level of gloriousness!

  2. Remember when they had that triple berry jam? It-was-the-bomb!
    It was always running out, demand was that high. They couldn’t produce them as fast because it was all natural (I guess). I was really devastated when they discontinued it years ago.

  3. A hearty YES to all this (I’m a Pan De Manila fanboy).

    Oh, but you should add the sharp cheddar cheese. I don’t know if it’s just rebranded, but it’s just so good!

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