We’re Only Snacking on Cereal Bars Now so We Ranked the 3 Growers NurtriBar Flavors

Snacking is probably one of the hardest eating habits to train. There’s really nothing bad about it. In fact, snacks are beneficial for a healthy diet. Cereal bars are a great option for those counting calories. These are bar-shaped food made from breakfast cereals held together with edible adhesive, usually glucose syrup. Although most are loaded with sugar (and should, therefore, be consumed in moderation), cereal bars are nevertheless great sources of fiber and energy. 

Growers, a Filipino brand known for peanuts, makes NutriBar—”the first real cereal bar made in the Philippines.” They’re low in fat and cholesterol, and are only 120-130 calories a pop. We were feeling snack-y, so we picked up a box that contained all three flavors (to share; don’t be so quick to judge). And we ranked them to see which one we’ll likely keep picking up at our convenience store runs in the future.

3. Peanut Butter

The peanut butter bar is less peanut butter flavored, more peanut butter scented. Its supposed primary taste is very faint, and the same can be said about its pale, barely there peanut butter color. “It looks like it wasn’t cooked,” a member of the team described it. Though, over-all, we’re not that mad at it; we’d still eat it if we had no other choice.

2. Apple Cinnamon

We know a lot of people love NutriBar’s apple cinnamon flavor, so don’t hate us for not putting it at the top of the list. We don’t necessarily dislike it. It’s obviously the flavor it advertises, from the blast of cinnamon to the raisin-like apples. But there’s an overpowering sourness to it; plus, it’s weirdly musty. A sort of glaze in the caramel apple territory seems to hold it together, making it sticky and chewy (and frankly, kind of hurts our teeth).

1. Choco Chips

The choco chips had the best texture out of all three flavors. It had a crunch that’s similar to that which you get from rice krispies. The chocolate doesn’t taste like premium chocolate, but it does remind us of our childhood chocolate cereals, which we think deserves some good marks. We wish there were more chips mixed into the bar mixture, though (it seemed to just be on top).

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