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We’re Eating Pizza A Different Way—And You Should Too

September 6, 2019

You might think that there’s only one right way to eat pizza, but you’re wrong. Pizza is a wonderfully universal food, and you can eat it any way you want—from bottom to top, tip to crust, and all the ways in between. If you’ve been having your pie one way all your life, you might want to try a different style altogether. Based on your personality and eating habits, we’ve partnered with Pizza Hut to suggest how you should be eating your pizza from now on.

How Should You Be Eating Your Pizza?

What's the best thing to have on your pizza?

1. Cheese Lovers
2. Meat Lovers
3. Cheesy Lava Mozza Crunch
4. Bacon Margherita

What type of pizza crust do you prefer?

1. Sausage Stuffed Crust
2. Cheese Stuffed Crust
3. Bacon Stuffed Cheese Crust
4. Pan Pizza Crust

How messy is your table after eating?

1. Clean as a whistle
2. Needs a quick wipedown
3. Just a few tissues
4. A radioactive mess

What drink do you have with your slice?

1. Just water
2. Beer
3. Soda
4. Iced Tea

If you weren't eating pizza, what would you be eating right now?

1. KitKat Pops
2. Fried Chicken
3. Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs
4. Another whole pizza please

All 5 questions completed!

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How Should You Be Eating Your Pizza?

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If this quiz made you hungry, try out your new eating style with Pizza Hut’s Bacon-Stuffed Crust Pizza, available in all stores now.

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