Wendy’s, Shakey’s, and San Mig Light Get a Brand Makeover

October 8, 2018

Re-designs are quite common for companies to undergo through every decade or so. Some turn out for the better, while some need to keep working at it.

Just recently, Wendy’s, Shakey’s, and the San Mig Light logos all went through a makeover. The changes range from radical alterations to more subtle adjustments. The big question is, do the new designs do justice to these established brands? You decide.

1. Shakey”s

The Shakey’s shield has been a source of comfort for many over the years. From the days when the APO Hiking Society would feature in Shakey’s commercials, to the new ads about great times with the family at Shakey’s, the logo has been a constant beacon for people who have a hankering for pizza, chicken, and mojos.

With the brand do-over though, the logo has changed from this:

shakeys old

To this:

shakeys new

The changes are part of a move to update the whole brand. They’ve also gone digital and introduced an for their delivery.

Overall, it does feel that they’re trying to make the brand more fun and current. However, it may not be to the liking of everyone. After all, Shakey’s has always been associated with wholesome family-friendly get-togethers rather than being the hip and trendy spot-of-the-moment.

2. Wendy”s

Wendy’s has always been the far third or fourth in the burger chain hierarchy. We still love it, though, for continuing to clog our arteries with creations such as the Baconator and the Son of Baconator. Unfortunately, the brand has had a tough time lately with a lot of its stores closing up.

Now, it looks like they’re taking a stab at being relevant again. In the new store they have at Glorietta, they’ve changed their logo from this:

wendys old

To this:


The new look is quite perfect. It goes well with the Glorietta’s new makeover. Wendy’s now boasts of a cleaner design. And that freckled girl has grown up some, too. Hopefully, the changes also spill over to better food and service so it can keep on attracting more customers.

3. San Mig Light

If you’ve had a San Mig Light at Boracay or Cebu recently, you may have noticed something different about the bottle. This is the old label, compared with the new one.

SML compare

The see through label is a bit reminiscent of the old Pale Pilsen bottle, the contents of which could also be seen through the label’s clear spaces.

SMB Pale

The label does look a bit odd to me, though, which is fine since it seems to be in the testing phase. It’s understandable if the design is still a little rough around the edges.

The bigger mystery is why San Mig light needed a design change since it’s not suffering through any marketing slump. Who knows, maybe it’s a way to cut down on sticker costs. Whatever the reason, if they don’t mess around with the price and flavor formula too much, San Mig Light will continue to make a killing in the beer market.

So what do you think of the new logos? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nico Goco Nico Goco

Nico is an engineer with a fondness for food, drink, and cooking. This is in serious conflict with his desire to lose weight. Writing is his outlet to make sure the right side of his brain still works. When free, he likes to read, travel, and nurture a dozen different hobbies. He also believes that the perfect fried chicken is the cure to anything.

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36 responses to “Wendy’s, Shakey’s, and San Mig Light Get a Brand Makeover”

  1. Hate the new Shakey’s logo, no idea why they had to rebrand.

    Love the new labels on SML, kinda reminds me of Corona bottles.

  2. we’ve actually had the sanmig logo here in davao for more than a year now I think, and I like it. it feels more classy on the hands, but the chance to peel on the stickers on awkward or boring moments are lost though. lol

    Shakey’s new logo is a fail though, the old logo spoke for a classic, family friendly place, while this new logo just feels like a popeye’s logo ripoff.

  3. Baddie says:

    Whenever I see the new Shakey’s logo, I think “playground” and “smelly children”. I should think “pizza and mojos”, Shakey’s! “Pizza and mojos”!

  4. rftreyes says:

    Really wish they kept the old Shaey’s logo. Wendy’s never noticed they changed it hehe.

    San Mig Light? I dunno. Indifference I guess. I’m more of a Pale Pilsen drinker. It just tastes better 😀

    – Ray

    • Nico Goco says:

      i did like the stickers they put on the short pale pilsen bottles, it looked classier. pero it wasn’t a widespread thing din, mostly in restos lang.

  5. Patricia Noble says:

    Wendy’s and San Mig Light is pretty okay but Shakey’s? What the hell were they thinking? They didn’t have to rebrand.

  6. I’m really trying to like Shakey’s’ new logo, but. Just. No.

  7. I hate the new Shakey’s logo! What’s wrong with the old one?

  8. Shakey’s logo looks kiddie for me. parang sa poeyes lang ang peg haha (dahil siguro sa font)

  9. Joyce Romero says:

    The Shakey’s logo looks like it’s shakin’. In a bad way.

  10. iba pa ba ung san mig light sa san mig zero?

  11. Parang pangit yung bagong label ng San Mig light. Or baka yung quality ng photo ang di maganda?

  12. Parang napapasayaw ako ng Gentleman ni Psy pag tinitignan ko yung bagong logo ng Shakey’s 🙂 I still prefer the old one na parang nagsasabing “Hey, this is how we look like kasi 1954 pa kami, hindi 2004!

  13. hehehe says:

    San Mig Light: looks somewhat like a softdrink bottle.

  14. Vera says:

    I don’t like the new Shakey’s logo.

  15. The new Shakey’s logo caters to a really young target audience, which sucks, I think, since they’re previous design sensibility is really working for most of us already. God. Why do they need to be all hip and whatnot all of a sudden…

    Rebranding of Wendy’s seems fine tho! Still caters to the same market, but has a much more contemporary approach!:)

  16. Sana ni-retain ng Shakeys yung old logo. Para may pa-heritage feel pa din sila. Pa-hip eh.

  17. Pipay says:

    Has anyone also noticed the sudden Mister Donut rebranding? o_O

  18. Love the Wendy’s rebrand, hate the Shakey’s rebrand. Hey, how about restaurants that NEED a rebrand? I’ll start:

    – Uncle Cheffy’s
    – Earle’s
    – Fatboy’s Pizza
    – Big Better Burgers

    – Oyster Boy

  19. Sophia Cadiz says:

    i ate at the big shakey’s q ave branch recently and the first thing i asked the waiter was: bakit binago yung logo niyo? 🙁 i like the old one better!

  20. rrcrodriguez says:

    Shakey’s need to revive old formula NOT change their logo. Live bands at night – new, upcoming, unknown. Strings and vocal on lunch. On selected outlets.

  21. Ruth Jacob says:

    *agrees with everyone on Shakey’s logo* I don’t like the new one. Yes, it looks fun, but current? No. I love the old one muuuuuuch better.

  22. Hate the new Shakey’s logo, the same way I hated it when they changed their Caesar salad dressing.
    Guess I’m not the only one with these sentiments.

  23. Jennylyn Dumlao says:

    okay lang magbago logo ng shakey’s wag lang yun lasa ng mojos..:)

  24. […] Wendy’s, Shakey’s, and San Mig Light Get a Brand Makeover […]

  25. Dez del Rosario says:

    Sayang yung Shakey’s, I much prefer the old logo. Pero I have to agree with some of the post comments— basta wag magbago yung lasa ng food nila! 😀

  26. kat says:

    mas malakas ung dating ng old shakey’s logo… the new one looks cheap and di ko trip ung font… di na cya nagsastandount… parang for me nawala ung uniqueness ng brand… (personal opinion ko lang…)

  27. […] Bar and Burger Project serve tastier and heftier alternatives to fast food fare. But in 2013, Wendy’s underwent a major rebrand  that included its logo, packaging design, uniforms, menu variety, and food preparation. Wendy’s […]

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