We Used this Chatbot to Make a Quarantine Meal Plan, and We Think You Should Too

We’ve all been home for quite some time now, and for many, finding something new to feed your family every day is probably getting a little tedious. How can you make things different, delicious, and nutritious?

Knorr has launched their new Chatbot, Norie, to help you with that problem. Easily accessible through Knorr’s Facebook Messenger, this nifty little feature helps you sort through Knorr’s collection of recipes, and make you a meal plan from scratch, with whatever ingredients you might have on hand. Here’s a little walkthrough of our experience making a whole-day menu with Norie.

Breakfast: Tinapa Fried Rice

For breakfast, we settled on making tinapa fried rice, which was easy and delicious. The best part about creating this dish was the fact that the recipe is straightforward, only takes ten minutes, and is made with ingredients that would be available in most households. The addition of Knorr Chicken Cubes adds a meaty flavor that gives the rice a perfect umami kick.

Lunch: Ginisang Monggo

Making healthier choices has never been more important than now. Using the Chatbot, we decided on this recipe for monggo, which has always been a staple in our house. It’s actually not as complicated as it seems, and has a ton of vegetables but still feels incredibly hearty. Adding Knorr Pork Cubes makes the stew creamy, giving the vegetables better flavor. The meatiness of the Pork Cubes will make anyone–from kids to carnivores–love this vegetable dish.

Dinner: Pancit Canton

There are an infinite amount of ways to make pancit canton, but what was great about this particular version was how customizable it is. It provides you with the basic building blocks for good pancit canton, but also makes it easy enough for you to swap out the vegetables with whatever you may have now at home. The secret ingredient to this particular recipe, which you definitely shouldn’t leave out, are the Knorr Shrimp Cubes, which enhance the flavor of the shrimp throughout the canton.

Norie’s made our lives a little bit easier, and made incorporating Filipino dishes into our daily meal plans even more fun. There’s tons of recipes in their archive, so log on, and set your groceries for next week.

To try it out for yourself, visit Knorr’s Facebook page and start planning!

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