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We Try 5 Brands of Mixed Fruit Cocktail: Dole, Seasons, Todays, and More

November 29, 2019

December is just around the corner. That means, it’s time to ready your stomachs for back-to-back Christmas parties; and in the Philippines, no gathering’s ever complete without fruit salad. (Okay, that’s a wild generalization, but who doesn’t love fruit salad?) For all of you who are bringing the sweet, creamy dessert to potlucks, we’ve gone ahead and tested five brands of mixed fruit cocktail to see which one has the best-tasting syrup and the most fruits. Which one should you get for your fruit salad?

Del monte

Del Monte’s Fiesta Fruit Cocktail has a bright, slightly sweet, acidic syrup. It really just tastes like straight-up pineapple, which makes sense since the mix is about “89% pineapple.” There’s zero red papaya, just a few pieces of yellow papaya, and around two pieces of nata de coco. Although juicy, the fruits—and by “fruits,” we only really mean pineapples—are very mushy.


Similar to Del Monte’s Fiesta, Dole’s Tropical Fruit Cocktail tastes like pineapple juice, just a tad sweeter. It was a polarizing entry, with some members of the team enjoying it’s “fruity sweet syrup;” while the others felt it was still too pineapple-forward (in which case doesn’t make it a very good mixed fruit cocktail.) That said, it did have an adequate fruit ratio—which everyone was pretty pleased with.

Mega Prime

Mega Prime’s Tropical Fruit Cocktail had the lightest syrup. It wasn’t as sweet as the others—so much so that we’d have no problem just eating this straight out of the can. The fruits were so-so. The pineapples were good, and weren’t too overwhelming. Though, the papayas didn’t really taste like anything. We did like, however, that the fruits still had a bite to them. The only real problem here is that the mix didn’t have nata de coco at all.


Seasons’ Tropical Fruit Cocktail stood out in the fruit department. It had the best proportion of fruits. And the quality was A+, with true-to-fruit textures. So if you had all the fruits (red papaya included—you could really tell there were a bunch) in one spoon, you’re guaranteed a well-balanced bite. Sadly, we can’t grant the same praise to the syrup. It had an artificial sweetness that made it almost disgustingly sweet. “It’s like they put artificial flavoring,” so we have no choice but to bring the score down.


Today’s Mixed Fruit came in a very sweet syrup. But the taste didn’t last too long on the tongue, so we’re not that mad about it. That said, it didn’t really taste fruity. The fruits tasted, well, neutral (going into bland territory), so it was the least memorable. Although, it did have a decent fruit ratio. But the fruits were cut into tiny pieces, which we found pretty weird.

The verdict: DOLE

This taste test had too many could’ve been’s. Mega Prime’s Tropical Fruit Cocktail could’ve won, but it had zero nata de coco. Seasons’ Tropical Fruit Cocktail also could’ve come out on top, but it had that weird artificial sweetness. So we’re picking Dole’s Tropical Fruit Cocktail as the one we’d use for our fruit salads. It has great flavor, and it’s sweetness can work well in a fruit salad. (That said, we wouldn’t discourage you from getting our could’ve been’s, too.)

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