We Tried 7 Cadbury Chocolates to Help You Pick a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is already tomorrow. But we’re pretty sure there are some of you who’re unprepared. Well, if you don’t have the time or resources to go all out, even a gift as simple as chocolate (and maybe an easy dinner for two?) can do the trick. So we tried seven different kinds of Cadbury chocolates so you know what to get before you go on your date.

7. Bubbly

We like the novelty of Cadbury Bubbly, but it’s just so tedious to eat. It breaks off into little pieces too easily; so it becomes less enjoyable, since you constantly have to clean up after yourself. The chocolate is more or less the original formula, though we did detect a sour aftertaste. We suspect it’s caused by the added stabilizers that make it “bubbly.”

6. Oreo

Cadbury Oreo is the lightest shade of brown among the chocolates. It’s very crave-able, but you’ll probably want to stop eating after one (or half). The sweetness level is off the charts because of the white Oreo filling in the center. We wish there were more cookies to balance it out a bit, and to maybe give a better semblance of the entire Oreo.

5. Fruit & Nut

Chocolates with fruit are only either good or bad—there’s no in between. Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut is a decent version of what it is.  The fruits actually enhance the flavor of the chocolate. That said though, we’d rather not eat the raisins by themselves as it tastes like it’s on the brink of being “panis.” A member of the team said she always had to try to consume all components at the same time—”I hate it when I chew [and all the chocolate’s gone, so all that’s left are the raisins.]” There are more nuts than there are fruits, anyway. We actually found some pieces that had only nuts.

4. Cashew & Cookies

The Cashew & Cookies variant is a revelation. The pair doesn’t necessarily match, but the cashew is almost indiscernible, giving the spotlight to the cookie. Rightly so—the cookies are delicious. If it were cookies and almond, that would’ve made more sense. Though the cashews do give a hint of earthiness that rounds out the sweetness of the chocolate.

3. Roast Almond

The roasted almonds give a sort of darkness to the chocolate, making it less sweet than the others. The flavor of the almonds are great, and they’re never lost in the bar. You’re sure to get it in every bite. It would’ve been better with a bit more integrity though; it’s too soft for our taste.

2. Original

You can’t really go wrong with original plain Cadbury. Despite it’s affordable price tag, it feels rich. It’s smooth, and has a snap. It’s sweet, but not disgustingly so. Plus, you can tell that they used premium milk.

1. Coffee

The coffee Cadbury comes in smaller squares, but it still works. We were pleasantly surprised that the coffee flavor was so strong—and that it actually tasted like it. (Not mocha.) It even has a bitterness you’d normally get from coffee.

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