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We Ranked the Biscuits inside Those Giant Rebisco Tins

December 13, 2019

Every Filipino knows about Rebisco’s biscuit tins. We’ve all tried to reach into the depths of the bucket to grab our favorite cookies; and we’ve all seen our parents (or lolas) keep the containers as rice drums or flower pots. You’re bound to see even more of the iconic tins—which recently got a makeover—over the holidays. You might even be one of those people who give it out as gifts.

As children, we probably had one cookie we took more than the others. (We’ll bet it was the chocolate one.) But nostalgic tendencies aside, we ranked the biscuits based on our grown-up taste buds. How do they compare?

6. Rectangle Biscuit

The rectangle biscuit tasted just as you’d expect a plain cracker to. It wasn’t salty, and the texture was okay. All-in-all, it was unremarkable. But it’s not something we’d completely rule out of the biscuit platter. It would actually be pretty good as a vessel for dips, or a companion for cheese.

5. Sugar Biscuit

These round biscuits were dusted with sugar granules, which gave it a nice grainy texture. Over-all, the cookie wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet (which we quite liked). Instead, it gave off a very subtle sugary aftertaste. The biscuit itself had a toasty flavor, and had a nice crumbliness to it.

4. Chocolate Biscuit

The chocolate biscuit wasn’t as chocolate-y as we remembered. It had floral flavor notes, which threw us off a bit but didn’t necessarily make us mad. We still consider this a “nice plain cookie,” one that’d  make for a good cookie sandwich.

3. Round Biscuit

The plain round cookie reminded us of Fita crackers. And that begged the question, “If you just want plain crackers, why not just get plain crackers, and not an entire cookie tin?” Though a valid point, we couldn’t get past the fact that these were actually pretty decent for plain crackers. They were crumbly, salty, and not too dry. Despite their simplicity, they were quite addicting.

2. Clover Biscuit

The clover-shaped biscuits were light and airy, making us suspect that they’re plain butter egg cookies. It had just the right amount of saltiness, and had a great crispiness to it. A member of the team likened it to Marie biscuits.

1. Heart Biscuit

True to its shape, these biscuits stole our hearts. (Sorry for the pun!) They’re of the same make and texture as the clover biscuits, so it had the same layers of crispiness from the air pockets we enjoyed. But this was a sweet, buttery version. It also had slight floral notes, similar to what we got from the chocolate cookies.

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