We Ranked the 3 Fitnesse Cereals: Original, Fruits, and Honey & Almonds

Fitnesse is a (53%) whole-grain cereal with “vitamins and minerals, [and] calcium and iron.” It’s regarded as a healthy breakfast, primarily because of their famed 14-day challenge, “designed to maximize the benefits of Nestle Fitnesse wholegrain cereal on your shape.” The box even has a silhouette of a “conventionally fit” woman on it. Whether you’re eating it as part of a diet plan or just because you feel like having whole whole grain, there’s one flavor better than the others—at least by our standards. How do these three Fitnesse variants compare?

Note: There used to be Banana Nut and plain Almonds variants, but they have since been discontinued.

3. Fruits

Out of the three, the cereal in Fruits were the most bland. We’re guessing the lack of sweetness is to make up for the sugar brought by the fruits. But there weren’t even a lot of them to begin with; not to mention the combo only included dried papaya, dried pineapple, and raisins. They all had a weird clay-like flavor, and didn’t really taste like what they’re meant to be (except maybe the raisins, though there’s no forgiving how dehydrated they were). Plus, all of them remained almost rock-hard and too chewy even with milk. You also get the least out of the box, as its suggested serving size of 40g only gives you five bowls (compared to the other two which promises seven bowls at 30g each).

2. Original

The Original Fitnesse is just a tad sweeter than Fruits, but it hits that soft spot of being sweet enough that you could taste it, yet not so sweet that it cancels its being a less guilty breakfast option. The sweetness also clings to the cereals themselves, so you don’t have to worry about losing all that flavor once it sits out in milk. Although there’s not much going on, we appreciate the versatility of this plain variant. You can add it onto a different dish (e.g. yogurt, breakfast smoothie, etc); or you can pair it with something else, like fresh fruits.

1. Honey & Almonds

Honey & Almonds’ cereal have the most sweetness of the three—but not in a sugary way. The ingredients list (and advertised flavor) says you can attribute that to honey. But it didn’t actually taste like so. It was more like something resembling the stuff, but not really honey. The almonds were very thin, but there was a decent amount; enough to balance a bowl out with some subtle nuttiness.

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