We Can’t Stop Eating Vegetari’s Seaweed Chicharon

August 20, 2018

Couple Angela Monalisa Castelltort and Arvin Kisig Lopez first began the Vegetari Healthy Bites venture in Los Baños, Laguna, where they live with their 4 energetic sons. They both have been vegetarian for over a decade, inspired by the love of their family and wanting to “live long and see their kids grow.”

We love packaging that lets us see just what we’re in for.

The plant-based snack brand was born in the kitchen of Satya Graha Kitchen and Restaurant, a family-owned vegetarian restaurant that is managed by Castelltort. The family wanted to be able to enjoy snacks that were fun and delicious to eat, but were not satisfied with the “salt-laden high fat corn chips” found in groceries and convenience stores. Believing that they are not alone in this search for a plant-based, gluten-free snacks, they decided to make that snack themselves and share it with others by way of the Vegetari brand.

These chips are coated in tapioca starch to ensure a crunchy and gluten-free exterior.

The results of their work are two delicious, richly flavored, loudly crunchy versions of chicharon: the chichashroom and the seacharon. These two entirely pork-free snacks are light to the bite but pack a whole lot of flavor. They use Shiitake mushrooms for a pronounced flavor for their chichashroom, that delivers the umami mouthfeel in a surprisingly plant-only snack. While the seacharon (which was the brand’s first innovation) is the table snack you’ll wish local restaurants had—you can just keep popping them in your mouth ’til you run out.

The “seacharon” is our personal fave, but we love the “chichashroom” too.

Since its humble beginnings—with Castelltort cutting seaweed wraps into symmetrical squares herself and Lopez lugging the bags of chicharon to markets every weekend—the brand has since grown to include 50 talented individuals including a nutritionist, a food scientist, and engineers, all dedicated to making snacks that are guilt-free and satisfying.


A plant-based snack company that offers seacharon and chichashroom.

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