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Try This: Pat Pat’s Kansi Serves Stellar Kansi in Manila

June 21, 2018

Iloilo is famed for their culinary traditions, one notable dish being kansi: a soup compared to bulalo with its beef base and addition of bone marrow, often flavored with the sour local fruit known as batuan. Though not as common outside the province, a stellar version can be had at hole-in-the-wall Makati joint Pat-Pat’s Kansi. Originating from Jaro, Iloilo (where they opened their first branch back in 1999), the family-owned venture soon branched out and made their Manila debut in 2006, expanding their lineup without compromising on the iconic dish that put them on the road to stardom.


Pat-pat’s kansi is flavorful enough that you won’t need sauce, but feel free to spike it with patis, calamansi, or chilies.

Employing a recipe created by owner Christine Servando in response to her daughter’s love for kansi, Pat-Pat’s version comes redolent with beefiness, brightened with just a hint of tang and concluding with a whisper of sweetness. Have it with just the laman (chunks of lean meat), or go all the way with the bulalo (bone marrow); it’s a comforting meal either way, best savored slowly with a steamy cup of rice. Also on the menu are other Ilonggo and Filipino classics—inasal (marinated grilled chicken, available with the chicken’s leg, breast, or ass), fresh lumpia (spring roll, the Ilonggo version of which is stuffed with a sweet, savory bamboo shoot filling), and grilled and sizzling dishes (liempo, pusit, sisig, and the like)—all of whose recipes are Servando’s creations. With eats that stays true to the flavors of Iloilo (and servers that hail from the region itself), Pat-Pat’s offers a taste of home away from home for fellow Ilonggos—and an excellent introduction to Ilonggo cuisine for Filipinos of all regions.

Pat-Pat’s Kansi

Kansi, inasal, and other Ilonggo and Filipino favorites.

vISIT: Sampaloc cor. Kamagong st., San Antonio, Makati
Php200-300 for a meal for good for sharing
Contact: (02) 890-6179
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  1. cat says:

    Thank you for a wonderful article. Last sentence should cite Ilonggo
    rather than Ilocano (“…home for fellow Ilocanos…”.

  2. Patricia Baes says:

    Hi Cat! Our apologies for the typo – we’ve now corrected the said sentence in the article. Thank you so much for pointing it out as well! 🙂

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