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Watch This: Roasting Coffee with #YKW Roasters

May 31, 2017

Perfect recipes do not exist. Perfection is even more impossible to achieve when one tackles the basics, which are often untouchable. In this new video series, we explore our favorite versions of the basics in Manila, which come very close.

It would be surprising to know that EDSA Beverage Design Group, or EDSA BDG for short, only began in January 2014 as they have since grown their coffee brand into one of the leading coffee schools in the country—that is, it would surprise you if you’ve never met one of the people behind the brand. Founded by Jericson Co, David Ong, and Kerwin Lo, EDSA BDG is a collaboration of beverage experts who “want to create and pioneer beverage innovations, and share it with it with Filipino drinkers.” Under the brand are craft soda brand COO, bottled cocktail brand Better Common, ginger beer brand TBGB, and most notably #YKW Roasters, for which EDSA BDG is best known.

Head roaster of #YKW Roasters is Miko Simangan, who has been has been with the group from when they started. His own passion for coffee began in his college days when a professor encouraged him to join a competition and he won; now a multi-awarded barista, Simangan leads the bi-weekly roasting of their internationally sourced green beans on Mondays and Tuesdays. He tells us that roasting coffee is all about finding its sweet spot. “It varies depending on what origin, what varietal of Arabica coffee [it is],” he says, which requires a lot of experimentation and patience.

Watch more on #YKW Roasters’ roasting process.

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