Watch a Robot Serve Your Sushi at Wasabi Warriors

March 6, 2020

The sound of a traditional Japanese koto tinkling in the background, a chef standing at the bar rolling layers of nori and rice on bamboo mats, fish ingredients that cost a dowry—these are all common observations to make while eating sushi in Manila. While most of these establishments expect you to sit down, stay put, and enjoy the food, Wasabi Warriors is going for quite the opposite.

Wasabi Warriors Image 1

Left: Beef Teriyaki Rice, PHP 250. Right: Inari, PHP 50 per piece.

Tired of the stuffy, pricey nature of the sushi scene here in Manila, Australian Kimmi Siu Dewar sought to bring sushi to the Philippines that was fast, fresh, and affordable. Now open in Makati, Wasabi Warriors found its home in a city where the people want to get their sushi and get the hell out.

Wasabi Warriors 2

Left: Seared Salmon Nigiri, PHP 100 per piece. Right: Fresh Salmon and Avocado Roll, PHP 150 for 8 pcs, California Roll, PHP 100 for 8 pcs.

While most fast food around Manila comes dripping out of a deep fryer, Wasabi Warriors sees to it that its customers need not settle for unhealthy options. Wasabi Warriors offers black or brown rice as healthier (and more visually fascinating) alternatives to the common fare (although classic white Japanese rice is also readily available). Not only are these ingredients healthy, but they are also harvested under an advocacy to serve locally-sourced ingredients. The vegetables here are fresh from the farms of Tagaytay. The fish comes straight from the ports of General Santos. Even the Honey Soy chicken roll at the counter is labeled ‘free-range’ to ensure customers that their poultry was delivered under ethical circumstances.

Wasabi Warriors 4

Warrior Udon Soup, PHP 150.

There are many shocking things happening at Wasabi Warriors. Their star employee ‘Suzumo’ (or ‘Suzy’ as she is affectionately called) is a sushi-making robot (Automated sushi? Blasphemous!). But of all these things, perhaps the most shocking thing about Wasabi Warriors would be the prices at which they sell.


For a dish so commonly associated with expense, PHP 120 for their bestselling Salmon and Avocado roll (in any of the three rice options) is quite the steal. Their Inari Seaweed sushi, a hefty roll of rice shrouded in sweet beancurd skin and topped with a tangle of seaweed, is at a reasonable PHP 60. Their chewy-noodled, slurpy-derpy Warrior Udon Soup costs PHP 150.

Wasabi Warriors 3

Left: Gyoza, PHP 150 for 6 pieces. Right: Ebi Fry Nigiri, PHP 100 per piece.

Yes, we know it might seem weird to embrace a sushi culture that isn’t expensive, handmade, and painstakingly meticulous, but then again, why is it so hard to embrace something that is as fast, fresh, and affordable as Wasabi Warriors? To be in the company of any robot that makes sushi is a splendid thing.

Have you tried Wasabi Warriors yet? How did you find it? Tell us about with a comment below!

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Wasabi Warriors

Address: GF Unit 5, The Gramercy Residences, Century City, Kalayaan Ave. cor Salamanca St., Bgy. Poblacion, Makati

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