Visit Mess Hall at 11AM to Try Their Freshly Baked Cookies While They’re Hot and Still in Stock

August 1, 2017

We had been hearing a lot of hype about the elusive freshly baked cookies in The Moment Group’s in-house restaurant, Mess Hall, which services the lunch crowd of offices in the area. For lucky employees working along Pasong Tamo Extension, they have access to what are easily your new favorite cookies—if you ever get to score some.

Mess Hall is the fanciest cafeteria you’ll ever have lunch in.

It’s hard enough to grab a meal at Mess Hall because of their hours (they’re only open on weekdays from 11AM-5PM), and even harder to grab a cookie if you try to drop by in the late afternoon as they’re usually sold out.

Their fat, bigger-than-your-palm cookies make you feel like a kid again with their comforting flavors and comically thick size. Toasty, soft, and incredibly buttery (expect to leave grease stains on everything you touch after enjoying a cookie), these sweet things can easily be shared with a friend or two—but any self-respecting cookie monster can wolf one down on their own.

You can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie.

If you do get a chance to grab lunch at the recipe incubator of The Moment Group (seriously, set your next lunch meeting here), we recommend you pop in just when it opens so that you can grab the cookies while their still warm and the chocolate inside gooey and melted. While they’re not bad cold, keep in mind that the restaurant won’t reheat the cookies for you since it will change the texture and dry them out. Our favorite is the white chocolate walnut (and this is coming from a writer who does not do white chocolate), but you can never go wrong with the classic chocolate chip cookie.

Mess Hall

Mess Hall is the in-house restaurant of The Moment Group of Restaurants.

ADDRESS: 2316 Karrivin Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-5PM Mondays to Fridays
CONTACT: (02) 804-1646 /
SPEND: PHP 100-400
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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