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Vietnam’s Famous Propaganda Bistro Is in Greenbelt 5 and These Are Our Go-To Orders

September 24, 2018

Propaganda Bistro has been around for 8 years in Vietnam’s beautiful Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon, as it is still referred to by the locals), and has made their very first franchise outside of Vietnam right in Makati. Imitating the style of the original bistro, the Manila version’s walls are designed with the eye-catching murals in colors that pop and pulsate with the vibrancy that is reflected in their dishes.

They only use fresh ingredients, with everything made from scratch.

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its color and for its encompassing an array of flavors in a single dish: spicy, sour, sweet, salty, all rolled into one well-rounded bowl or plate. It is also known for cuisine that is relatively healthy because of that color array, always incorporating lots of greens into any dish as well as herbs that punctuate their dishes like Thai basil, cilantro and mint. And while pho, banh mis, and spring rolls are international favorites, here is what we think really makes Propaganda Bistro special:


A salad of their own creation, the Propaganda Edamame Salad is something you won’t find in any other Vietnamese restaurant and is friendly to the salad-averse, using organic black rice and edamame beans as its base. Topped with a citrus-soy tofu, this filling salad is a meal on its own.


Appealing to our love for a good rice bowl, the crunchy tri-colored rice bowl with BBQ chicken and vegetables is topped with a fried egg, giving it a very familiar ratio to Filipinos. The rice bowl offers as much texture as it does color, with the popped rice in particular standing out by adding a satisfying crunch to your meal. You can also opt to have a version with either prawns, BBQ pork, or citrus tofu.


A franchise from Saigon that serves freshly made Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist.

ADDRESS: 2/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM–11PM Sundays to Thursdays / 11AM–12MN Fridays to Saturdays
CONTACT: (02) 576-1908
SPEND: PHP 250–500
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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