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Update Your Media Noche Spread With These Easy Food Hacks

December 28, 2018

It isn’t easy to accomplish a great media noche spread all by yourself. There are so many components to making a New Year’s Eve table both delectable and different from every other one out there. A quick browse through the internet will give you a ton of tips and tricks, from serving bright round fruits, to serving noodles for prosperity, but we’ve partnered with Coke to give you some pointers that will upgrade your typical ingredients to something that will give 2018 the proper send-off.

Turn Your Bibingka into Pancakes

Kakanin like bibingka and puto bumbong are necessary around this time of year, but one too many, and things become monotonous. Ring in New Year breakfast by mixing coconut milk into your pancake batter, and topping things off with latik syrup and salted eggs. You can even pour this into a waffle maker for a dish you’d wake up early in the morning for.

Turn Your Sisig into Dumplings

Everyone loves sisig—it’s pretty much one of our unofficial national dishes, along with sinigang and adobo. But if you’re looking for a twist that keeps all of its flavors intact but makes it just a little more exciting to eat, fold it into dumpling or gyoza wrappers. We’ve even baked these sisig dumplings into a cheesy casserole before, but they’re so good, you can skip this step and go straight for any typical Asian dipping sauce.

Stuff Your Roast Chicken with Paella

Who doesn’t want to eat paella on New Year’s Eve? This Spanish dish that we’ve adapted and adopted into our own culinary books is great for communal gatherings. What we love to do however, is stuff roast chicken with rice—yes it can be done!—for a hybrid between galantina and relleno that is completely unique.

Add Pumpkin Spice to Your Polvoron

Pumpkin spice is a very Western trend indeed, but every time a recipe uses this warming combination of toasty notes, we instantly fall for it. Instead of putting into typical things like hot chocolate, you can mix it into polvoron, and have this on your media noche spread as something fun that even the kids can snack on.

Turn Ube Into a Pie

It was the year of ube, and the year of ube pie. Celebrate the end of 2018 by taking the popular trend and turn it into something both homey and modern. You can use ube and make this from scratch, or if you’re feeling even scrappier, just empty out a bottle of halaya. Top it off with marshmallows, and this dessert will complete your media noche feast.

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