A List of UP Eats for the Iskolar ng Bayan (and Other Hungry Students Nearby)

August 13, 2019

Whether you’re an alumnus recalling long gone carefree days, a student savoring the freedom of college, or a visitor drawn to the vastness of UP Diliman, the food on campus is usually a part of many fond memories and a first visit itinerary. In this piece, we round up several stalls, restaurants, and food finds in UP Diliman.

Rodic’s Diner


This iconic restaurant practically shares a history with UP Diliman: on August 8, Rodic’s will be celebrating its 65th anniversary. Generations of students are thankful for Rodic’s consistent quality in breakfast favorites such as tapsilog, BBQsilog, and Baconsilog. Prices may not be as cheap as other “silog” places, but you definitely get more beef or bacon out of your buck with the equal parts of viand, rice, and egg in one meal.

UP Shopping Center, Store No. 9
UP Diliman, QC


choco kiss

Chockiss is another restaurant that is synonymous with UP Diliman. Their Devil’s Food Cake is a classic: nothing like marshmallow frosting topping chocolate cake with fudge filling. But if you want more variety in flavor, their Sour Cream Cheesecake gives your mouth a tingle that sugar can’t. At the same time, the cheesecake’s texture isn’t too dry or wet. Meals here are definitely a treat in terms of price, but most items such as their pastas and Chicken Kiev leave both your tongue and tummy satisfied.

Ang Bahay ng Alumni
R. Magsaysay Street
UP Diliman, QC

R.O.C (Restaurant of Choice)


R.O.C. is located on the opposite from Chockiss and serves other dessert choices such as Banoffee Pie (PHP 98), Red Velvet (PHP 92), and Blueberry Cheesecake (PHP 96). They also have a pretty diverse menu that lets you have a satisfying lunch: from Buffalo Chicken Strips (PHP 195), Saigon Barbecue (PHP 195), to The Italian Job pasta (PHP 175).

Mang Larry’s

No university eats list is complete without every student’s favorite “isawan.” Even non-UP students know if they need their offal fix, then a visit to Mang Larry’s is in order. Mang Larry has managed to keep his barbecued treats affordable at PHP 6 a piece for Balun Balunan, Atay, Isaw (Pork and Manok), Goto, and Botchi. The biggest “splurge” is for chicken pwet at PHP 15.

E. Ma. Guerrero Street Corner Magsaysay Avenue,
UP Diliman, QC

Siomai ni Mang Nestor aka FA (Fine Arts) Siomai

Good siomai is hard to find on any campus, as you’re likely to taste extenders that have spurred “lasang pusa” rumors. But once you’ve tried the siomai over at the Fine Arts side of UP Diliman, you’ll definitely take the time to trek over there for your dimsum fix. Although they no longer serve rice, a double order still runs under a hundred pesos.

College of Fine Arts,
Bartlett Hall, Emilio Jacino Street,
UP Diliman, QC

Arki Vicki’s

Another siomai find worth walking to is Arki Vicki’s quail egg siomai. For just PHP 35, you don’t need rice to get full: the ground meat and egg keeps the tummy fueled for hours. Pair this quick lunch with another favorite, the Pantea or Pandan Milk Tea (PHP 25). Way cheaper and way better than the mass of milk tea stands all over the metro, one order of Pantea almost drinks like a dessert. And yes, it’s so much fun to go, “Miss, isang pantea.”

Epifanio Delos Santos Street,
UP Diliman, QC

Mang Narry’s

mango graham shake place

No trip to the main library is complete without grabbing a Mango Graham Shake from Mang Narry’s. This shake instantly cools you down on a hot day, but also balances the sweetness of mango and graham crackers. Narry’s also offers quick but filling eats for cheap, such as the Lumpianarri with Pancit Canton (PHP 40) and the Half Long with Pancit Canton (PHP 36).

Roxas Avenue,
UP Diliman, QC

Lutong Bahay

lutong bahay 1

Students look for both familiarity, quantity, and affordability in their meals—Lutong Bahay is one place that delivers all these. Another restaurant that has earned its place as a UP Diliman classic, Lutong Bahay’s combo meals range from Barbecue with Vegetable Rice to Siomai (3 pieces), Shanghai (3 pieces), and Rice. The cheapest combo is at PHP 30 while the steepest price goes under a hundred at PHP 87.

lutong bahay 2

JP Laurel Street,
UP Diliman, QC

Snack Shack

snack shack

We hope that decades from now, Snack Shack earns its right as a UP Diliman classic. We’ve raved about it before on Ghetto Grub and their burgers continue to deliver past the hype stage. During my visit last August 5, there was a 45-minute wait for the next order at around 3pm. Once you’ve tried their Quarter-pounder with Cheese at PHP 70, you’ll regret spending more than PHP 150 for burgers elsewhere.

Area 2 Branch,
Roces St. corner Laurel St.
UP Diliman, QC


Located along the food strip in Area 2, Iskomai makes sure students still get rice with their siomai for less than PHP 50. Pancit canton has replaced rice in campus, but this side of UP makes sure you get to eat dimsum Pinoy style. Rice meals of Japanese Siomai, Iskomai, and Wanton Dumplings reach a maximum price at PHP 40. The restaurant’s Iskorambol (PHP 12) lets you spend a little extra for dessert.

JP Laurel Street,
UP Diliman, QC

Digong’s Super Bulalo


This is another addition to the UP eating scene, but their broth is worth the mention. Although the Bulalo (PHP 120) and Super Bulalo (PHP 180) weren’t available during my visit, the Pata with Laman (PHP 60) was enough to showcase this eatery’s intense beef-flavored broth. I found myself pouring the broth generously over my rice and treating it as the viand. The best part: broth refills are for free.

JP Laurel Street,
UP Diliman, QC

What are your favorite eateries and food choices in UP Diliman? What is your favorite from this list? Sound off in the comments section below!

Writer’s note: Some of these places were closed during our shoot visit due to the start of the new academic calendar this year, hence the lack of some images in the post.

Gela Velasco Gela Velasco

Gela is a young adult slowly settling into her late twenties. She likes to make a mess in the kitchen when no one’s looking, dance till dawn on long weekends, and dream about beef on lazy afternoons. On some days she learns how to write good in graduate school. Her life goals include sashaying somewhat like Beyonce and to write a cover story on Leonardo di Caprio.

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19 responses to “A List of UP Eats for the Iskolar ng Bayan (and Other Hungry Students Nearby)”

  1. Victoria Castillo says:

    Never got to try the famous isaw while I was at the neighboring school, but I’ve tried Rodic’s and Chockiss (is that what they call it now?). And can I say I love the “free hugs” and the cat cameo in the Snack Shack pic.

  2. titashi says:

    thanks for this! just a suggestion, maybe you can include the store hours, for those who don’t frequent UP Diliman. Chockiss i believe is open Mon to Sun, as early as 730am (?)

  3. carriebelle says:

    i’d tried rodic’s, mang larry’s, snack shack and digong’s – all good. love snack shack – masarap na ang burger, mura pa. then go to FIC for dessert. if uber busog, walk around sunken garden. or go to kuya jocjoc for your dvd fix. bigla ko tuloy na-miss pumunta sa UP.

    nice artic, btw. i agree with titashi – sana may store hours

  4. secretwalangclue says:

    Kumpianarri with Pancit Canton? What’s Kumpianarri?

    I’m intrigued with the ‘Pantea’, sounds delish! 😀

  5. Masarap dati sa chockiss, ngayon hindi na. Also, I don’t agree it’s “synonymous with UP Diliman”, baka Rodic’s pwede pa.

  6. Jaja Ferrer says:

    The Chocolate Kiss Cafe or Chockiss serves delicious Onion Rings! One of the best that I have tasted.

  7. S. Roldan says:

    Hi, Gela! Good to see your work here at Pepper. Hope you could check out the new Beach House (now in the CP Garcia/Gulod/KNL area near the barangay hall. There’s also Mang Jimmy’s in the Balara area. Likha Diwa’s vegetarian food is in KNL beside Sarah’s the drinking place. Also interesting would be a comparison of food in cafeterias in the different colleges and dorms. See you in the next graduate colloquium!

    • gela velasco says:

      Hello Ma’m Roldan! So nice to hear, I mean, read from you here. Thank you for these leads on what else to eat in the area 🙂 See you as well!

  8. mia says:

    Hi gella 🙂 try Phily’s diner in casaa caft near Palma hall. Their pearl harbor is awesome. 🙂

  9. boogeradornado says:

    Where’s the new Beach House?

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