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Type A: Cold Brew with Both Style and Function

September 24, 2016

After the third wave coffee wave boom from a few years back, Manila has experienced an epiphany of sorts. Mainly, we discovered that Starbucks coffee really isn’t all that good and that coffee has many more dimensions to the Americano and espresso. We discovered that it’s a true craft, brewing coffee, and we slowly discovered the world of better coffee. And even though there are the pretenders, we can rest assured that there’s some great coffee going round.

Now, there is bound to be a craft coffee shop somewhere in your neighborhood, be it one of the bigger, more known brewers, or a quaint store in the most meager part of town. And so the competition of the coffee evolved. Now, the game has changed again. Craft coffee is not only within the space of the café. It’s now portable.

Cold brew has become quite popular, with numerous vendors popping out from left and right, latching on to the longer, but more intense type of brewing, which draws the more intense flavors from the beans. The competition is small, but it is also getting very fierce.

Type A

Enter Type A, a slow-extracted single origin brew, that’s attempting to break the market. While other cold brews come in stellar looking glass bottles or snazzy plastic bottles that makes you look cooler than anyone in the vicinity. Type A makes sure that its form comes with function. Their bottles have an aggregated measurement for the perfect ratios of the brew and your add-on.  It’s simple, pour the coffee on ice then add an equal amount of water, milk, or orange juice.

The coffee is fruity and light. Lighter than most cold brews. For people who would want to enjoy their coffee with a strong backdrop of bitterness, they might find that the rations given may not be their preferred experience. But for those who enjoy their coffee with a certain lightness—those who like the bitterness not as readily pronounced—this will prove a more enjoyable affair.

Type A

One feature that makes Type A distinct is its subscription system, which allows you to get a bottle of their one liter bottles every month. Coming in four “sizes” S, M, L, and XL, with each increasing your monthly bottle by one at each increment, the subscription allows you to enjoy the cold brew without the hassle of looking for it yourself.

Type A has only begun its journey, and has a long ways to go, but its offering something new and tight. There’s no doubt that there will be better things in store for this new entrant in this weird, wild, and wonderful coffee conundrum.

Type A

An online shop selling concentrated coffee brew by the liter with weekly and monthly subscriptions.

Contact: 542 1486
spend: 900 PHP for 1L every month / 3,200 PHP for 1L every week
Follow: Facebook / Instagram / Website


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Andre’s love for food began with his affair with a televised Nigella Lawson. He then met the literary voice Doreen Fernandez after reading Tikim, he was a changed man ever since. He aspires to eat around the Philippines, slowly unraveling the rich culture that archipelago can offer.

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