If You Like Books and Hot Chocolate, Then You’ll Definitely Love Tweedle Book Café


Within the quaint streets of Quezon City lies a café where anyone can come in for a good book and some good grub. Tweedle Book Café is the brainchild of Jamie Perez Ong whose childhood dream was to open a public library. Her love for reading and chocolate served as the inspiration for her café.


Right: Tweedle Butterbeer, PHP 170

The first thing I noticed when I entered Tweedle Book Café were the shelves of books surrounding the interior. Claiming to house titles from the list of “books you have to read before you die”, customers can read any book in the café and even get a “library card” so they can return for the book another time.


Left: Wagyu Kimcheese Burger, PHP 300

Tweedle Book Café outsources its cacao from a local farm called The Chocolate Chamber in Cebu. Aside from being locally grown and made, the café offers a selection of interesting flavors in their hot chocolate. Among these are their Truffle Hot Chocolate (I’m talking about the aromatic fungus here, not the chocolate!), and their Hibiscus Hot Chocolate, which is rich, creamy, yet refreshing because of the subtle hints of tea in the mix. These are probably for the more adventurous drinkers, but they also offer a simple and straightforward Dark Hot Chocolate.


Left: Dark Hot Chocolate, PHP 185 | Right: Hibiscus Infused Hot Chocolate, PHP 160 and Lamb Kaldereta Pie, PHP 165

Half-expecting only a couple of pastries and drinks on the menu, I was poorly mistaken. The extent of Tweedle Book Café’s offerings runs far. They’ve turned ordinary meals into their own by adding chunks of blue cheese in their Bacon Mac and Say Cheese. A pasta dish called Pinoy Breakfast merges longganisa and red eggs. A Kimcheese Burger plays on a fusion of Japanese, Korean, and American cuisine. I really couldn’t believe they served this one—Duck Duck Duck. It’s a triple duck threat of duck sisig, foie gras, and smoked duck breast. Although a bit pricey, this is a luxury worth the buck. I mean, foie and duck breast?! Unbelievable!


Duck, Duck, Duck, PHP 1500

To cap off a meal, or pair with the hot chocolate, one can order a decadent molten lava cake or a slice of carrot cake. They also have some flavors of Merry Moo Ice Cream in stock.


Left: Truffled Hot Chocolate, PHP 260; Carrot Cake | Right: Pinoy Breakfast Pasta, PHP 180; Bacon Say Mac and Cheese, PHP 240

Tweedle Book Café still had some surprise cards up their sleeves. Tucked inside the Café is Platform 9 ¾ (yes, inspired from Harry Potter)! It was the door to a bar downstairs that would soon be open to the public. With the European pub interiors and walls to house art, it looked like an underground Three Broomsticks waiting to happen.

Books and food are similar in a way that they bring culture and people together. Jamie knew what she was doing when she decided to combine both. The flagship product of this café may be hot chocolate, but my experience here proved that this place is more than just a venue to drink delicious cups of the stuff and read great books. I’m definitely coming back.

Have you been to Tweedle Book Café? Which dishes did you try? Sound off with a comment below!

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Tweedle Book Café

Address: 106B Sct. Gandia St., Diliman, Quezon City
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5 responses to “If You Like Books and Hot Chocolate, Then You’ll Definitely Love Tweedle Book Café”

  1. lisa imai says:

    This article made my mouth water, I am definitely going there!

  2. Beng Mallari says:

    i love the Wagyu burger! it’s to die for =)

  3. hairypotter says:

    I tried the Pinoy Breakfast pasta, and the longanisa tasted like undercooked, waterlogged CDO longganisa 🙁

    The hot choco is topnotch tho

  4. bookbed says:

    We also went to Tweedle Book Cafe and we loved it too! 🙂


  5. Marcy Ramos says:

    oh justba simple chocolate cake and coffee will do… a place to relax and dream and write those articles- gorgeous for its utter silence…

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