Tsuiteru Dessert Bar Hopes to Spread Positive Energy through Their Baked Treats

August 2, 2019

The people behind Tsuiteru Dessert Bar believe that everything around us possesses some kind of energy that attracts good fortune. While working in the kitchen, they find that the ingredients they touch surround them with spirits of prosperity and abundance. So in 2016, they put up the online bakery as their way of harnessing and sharing positive karma to others through their baked goods.

“Tsuiteru” is a Japanese word that means “luck.”

I remember we had this elderly customer who bought a cookie to try, and she was so delighted with it that she proceeded to buy a dozen. She told us that she had stopped eating cookies for years, but she was drawn to our display and when she tried the cookie, she remembered the joy of eating one (or more). It reminded me of why I started the business, of spreading joy, positive energy, and even luck.

At the beginning, it was challenging for them to find a balance between quality and price. But after stepping into their customers shoes and asking “What would I spend my hard-earned money on?”, they came up with a well-curated range of products. They have “sensible staples,” like breadsticks and cookies, and more indulgent treats, such as their cappuccino brownies and dipped croissants.

It’s pronounced “tsoo-ih-teroo.” (Not “chooteru,” “sooter,” and definitely not “sweecherya.”)

Their tangy calamansi crinkles are our favorite. They make you go “oomph” as soon as you eat them, making their citrus-ness well known. That said, the cream cheese filling does do its job of cutting through the tartness. The best part, though—they’re baked just how crinkles should be baked: gooey on the inside.

Tsuiteru Dessert Bar

An online bakery and dessert bar.

CONTACT: (02) 251-2163 / tsuiteruph@gmail.com
spend: PHP75-1350
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Jica hopes that by writing about food she'll actually learn how to cook. But for now, she'll happily just eat everything—especially cookies.

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