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Try This: Tyler Cafe’s Home-Smoked Beef and Ricotta Pancakes

March 24, 2017

From the owners of the Katipunan staple Cello’s Doughnuts & Dips, and go-to Neopolitan-style pizza Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza comes your next favorite breakfast spot along the strip across Ateneo De Manila University. Proud Atenistas themselves (with degrees in honors program Management Engineering to boot), Jutes and Cello Templo have built their lives around the campus where they grew up, studied, met, fell in love, and raise their two children Gino and Tyler.

The laidback Jutes and gentle-natured Cello (after whom Cello’s Doughnuts & Dips is named) share a laugh in the brightly lit bar tables at the corner of Tyler’s Café.

Passionate about sports (he is a former coach of basketball teams in Ateneo’s grade school and university), and thus necessarily interested in nutrition, Jutes believes that it is the responsibility of restaurants to serve you just-right servings so that you leave the restaurant feeling good and sated. It also helps keep their food affordable to the community and reduces waste since many people leave the restaurant without taking home a doggy bag. “We have a small menu,” Jutes proudly tells us, “so we have very little food waste.”

The Templos originally pursued coffee training for Cello’s, and with that training, they decided to open a new café concept right next to Gino’s new location on Katipunan.

Making as much as they can from scratch, including the jams, ricotta, smoked beef and bacon, breads (which you can special order if you want to take home a loaf), pancake syrup, and more, in their efforts to be sustainable and control quality, the passion that the couple have for serving good food shows in their output.

In our view, there are two types of breakfast people: Those who want a hearty meal and those who want something starchy and sweet.


Smoked beef and eggs 385 PHP

Using beef neck from Kitayama that they smoke themselves, Tyler’s Cafe serves a juicy and tender cut of smoked beef with a side of eggs and fried rice garnished with microgreens that they grow in their garden. Hearty and filling, this breakfast like a mature version of bacon and eggs (not that we’d ever grow out of eating bacon and eggs!), that fills you up and makes you question your lifestyle choices for eating that whole slab to yourself. Still: no regrets. It’s too good to want to share.

The dirty latte has a layer of hot espresso sitting over cold milk, and the experience lies in drinking it as it is served so that you have an experience of the flavors rolling in one after the other on the palate and the combatting temperatures colliding. Jutes tells us that a dirty latte usually has the espresso sitting over ice cubes to hold it up, but they found the right consistency to allow the espresso to hold itself up so that the coffee drink need not be watered down.


Traditional Mango Milk 195 PHP | Ricotta Pancakes 275 PHP

Using the ricotta by-product of Gino’s famous Buratta, the ricotta is cooked into the pancake to create a tart, thick, and creamy flat pancake. The basil tempers the sweetness of the strawberry jam so that the pancake dish finds that sweet spot in the middle that just about justifies having something doused in confectioner’s sugar for breakfast.

Jutes was adamant about including a traditional mango milk in the menu though he admits it’s not the most popular, telling us that it is his comfort drink in the middle of the night. And we understand his insistence. Chunks of mango are scraped into a glass of cold milk using a spoon, and a little sugar is mixed into the drink, for a textured unconventional (in the city, though traditional in the province, Jutes says) mango milkshake made without a blender. It’s a snack and a refreshing cool drink rolled into one, and it might just be your new favorite after-school drink to battle with the rising summer heat.


Tyler’s Café along Katipunan Avenue serves all-day breakfast and brewed coffee.

CONTACT: (02) 225-7462
ADDRESS: 317 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City
SPEND: 175-385 PHP

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