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Try This: Ramen Nagi’s Gyoza in a Sizzling Bowl of Broth is the Perfect Midday Snack for a Rainy Afternoon

September 9, 2017

Let’s be real—we love the Ramen Nagi chain. They consistently deliver great tasting ramen whether traditional or innovative, and while we tend to be skeptical of trendy food, Ramen Nagi is one brand that can make us believers like they did with their Manila Kings. But there is one dish that has long been on Ramen Nagi’s menu that we think needs your attention, especially during the rainy season we are in the midst of, and that’s their Sui Gyoza.

The Sui Gyoza goes for PHP 200 with three pieces, as compared to a regular order of gyoza that gives you 5 pieces for PHP 220.

Essentially the same as their regular gyoza sans the crunchy exterior (it is sitting in tonkotsu broth after all, and sui gyoza typically refers to boiled gyoza, so it really doesn’t have the toasty exterior), only sitting in a sizzling hot bowl of their milky, fat-rich broth, the Sui Gyoza is the perfect snack if your tummy is not ready for a full-sized ramen but craves for that comforting warmth it provides. The sizzling bowl keeps the soup hot for a long period so that you can take your time consuming these three pieces of gyoza on a leisurely afternoon.

Have you tried this before? Are we late to the game? School us on sui gyoza below.
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