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Try This: Miguel’s Taqueria in Siargao Has Tasty Fresh Tuna Tacos That We Could Not Stop Revisiting

August 26, 2017

Miguel’s Taqueria Y Cerveceria is found in a humble little corner a little far away from the more tourist-filled areas of General Luna, but the place stands out thanks to its bright colors, cheeky sign, and music. Very much looking like El Union Coffee‘s own humble corner shop when they started out in La Union (the LU location now home to Mad Monkey’s Burgers, but we digress)—the kitchen is open air, with some easy-to-set-up chairs and tables along the side, along with some bar seats right in front of the shop window.

We love the casual, friendly feel of Miguel’s.

It’s by no means authentic, but who cares for that overly-weighted word in the food world today anyway, when their food is undeniably tasty. And the one taco you must get is (what else when you’re an island paradise?) their fish taco. Made with fresh tuna from the nearby market, Miguel’s fish taco is a perfectly priced and sized mid-afternoon snack for 2 pieces at PHP 100 (or 4 make for the ideal meal size). The mere quality of the tuna itself is unlike what you could get in Manila and alone would make this tortilla-wrapped snack a must-try, but the crisp and crunchy batter, comforting cheese and cream, and assortment of homemade salsas make it that much better. We literally visited Miguel’s thrice while we were here, and still dream about it—so let us live vicariously through you and ask you to please order this when you visit.


Miguel’s Taqueria is a small corner taco bar in Siargao.

ADDRESS: Market Road, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines
VISIT: 12NN-8PM daily
CONTACT: 0977-247-4182
SPEND: PHP 100-300
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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