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Try Mai Wei Fang’s Sheng Jian Bao, a Steamed and Pan-Fried Soup Dumpling You’ll Soon Obsess Over

August 7, 2018

Mai Wei Fang was founded by California native David Lim, a Filipino-Chinese businessman with a passion for food. Lim tells us that though his background is in finance, having worked in the US, Singapore and China, what truly brings him joy is the taste of traditional Chinese food that he would watch his mother and grandmother make Northern Chinese from scratch at home.

The Sheng Jian Bao is from Shangai, and what makes it stand out most from the Xiao Long Bao for its bottom crust (a result from pan-frying the dumpling).

Northern Chinese cuisine, Lim tells us, is marked by their use of high-gluten flour. The Northern region typically rely on bread, noodles, and dimsum (instead of rice) all made using said flour that is different from the grade commercially offered in the Philippines, which gives their flour-products more bounce. Mai Wei Fang introduces to the Manila market a whole new kind of Chinese cuisine that we are not used to, but our palates are definitely ready for. And in terms of price, Mai Wei Fang is shockingly bang for your buck with high-quality dishes under PHP200. Watch out for their next branch popping up in Mall of Asia soon.


A fast casual Chinese restaurant specializing in the Sheng Jian Bao.

ADDRESS: G/F, Adriatico Wing, Robinson’s Place Manila, Ermita, Manila
VISIT: 10-8PM daily
CONTACT: (02) 562-2786
SPEND: PHP80–320
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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