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Ketogenic and Vegetarian Food Become One at The Good Seed

November 13, 2017

When Denise Celdran first got into meditation in 2006, she started leaning towards a more plant-based diet—something that came hand in hand with her meditation practice within the particular group she had become a part of.  “I realized that a meatless diet really suited me, and it just felt good,” says Celdran. But the diet was not perfect. While her body did have a lot of positive changes (“used to get a lot of GERD and acid reflux, so that really helped when I switched to a vegetarian diet,” she explains), she found herself compensating for the lack of meat with lots of carbs.

After doing some research, she discovered a low-carb, high-fat (the basis for ketogenic) diet that she started to shift towards, and felt significant changes in her body. She no longer experienced bloating, felt sluggish after meals, or desired a mid-afternoon nap. She felt her mind was clearer, and she had become less forgetful. After 11 years of creating mostly vegan food under Edgy Veggy, she decided to create a retail space that would offer ketogenic-vegetarian food alongside vegan food under The Good Seed.

Unlike meat-based ketogenic diets, Celdran tells us that a plant-based ketogenic diet is more sustainable since you are allowed more carbs than meat-based ketogenic, and too much meat can tax the liver and kidney. The shift towards ketogenic allowed her to become more creative with her cuisine as she the recipes she developed called for more cheese and eggs. However, The Good Seed stays true to their roots by maintaining many vegan options. Whether you’re there for the meat-free ketogenic food or vegan cuisine, here is what we think you should try:


PHP 250 for a personal ketogenic-vegetarian pizza that has a crust entirely made of cheese? Not bad.

The ketogenic pizza has what Celdran calls a “fat head” crust: made of 3 kinds of cheese, organic eggs, and almond flour, then baked. The fat head is slathered with a touch of their homemade marinara then a layer of cheese, and Edgy Veggy’s (the name of The Good Seed’s commissary, also founded by Celdran) signature mushroom chorizo. The pizza has a nice, crisp, toasty edge around it, and bold flavors on top of it, with a strong garlic-mushroom taste. The fat head crust is completely unlike typical crusts: soft and chewy, thick and compounded, and rich in flavor and textures that make it an equal part of the dish itself instead of a canvas.


The huge burrito is one of their most popular dishes, and with good reason. It features the popular mushroom burger “meat” from Edgy Veggy, which is composed of a complex blend of spices that piques your taste curiosity. The real kicker that brings out all the flavors is the homemade salsa on the side: composed of Irish moss, paprika and olive oil, the aioli dip creates an immensely flavored experience of the burrito.


A vegetarian restaurant in the Kapitolyo area that offers ketogenic and vegan options.

ADDRESS: #3 Brixton Street, Pasig City
VISIT: 9AM-9PM Mondays to Saturdays
CONTACT: 0917-847-4831
SPEND: PHP 200-400
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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