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Try This: Bucky’s Merienda Menu Offers Their Beloved Chicken in Sandwich Form

July 16, 2017

In the short time that Bucky’s has been in Poblacion, it has managed to earn accolades for their fresh soft-serve ice creams and crunchy fried chicken. But we’ve discovered that they offer these favorites in delightful spins for 3 hours in the afternoon. These menu items are only available from 3 to 6PM so we strongly suggest setting your next afternoon meeting there. And yes, there’s free wifi.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Bucky’s beloved fried chicken in sandwich form is the perfect excuse to have a midday meal (if you ever need the excuse to begin with). You can grab it to go as an easy-to-eat meal at work, but quite frankly we’d recommend you save the environment the unnecessary packaging because you will likely wolf it down in 5 minutes anyway.

Fries with Soft-Serve

You know that we at Pepper.PH love our fries with sundaes (to a fault, in your opinion?)—so why not take some of the tastiest soft serve and toss it in with this writer’s favorite fry-form: twister fries. The crunchy, toasty, peppery exterior of the fries give the sundae an extra pop that just plain salted fries fails to do, making this a meal on its own that you can’t stop dipping and stuffing in your face.


Bucky’s is a casual dining restaurant in the Poblacion area.

Address: 566 Don Pedro Street, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Visit: 11AM–10PM Tuesdays-Thursdays and Sundays / 11AM–11PM Fridays to Saturdays / closed Mondays
Contact: 0916-7545140 /
Spend: PHP 150–450
Follow: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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