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Try This: Why Bonchon’s Ube Macapuno Bingsu Is Our Perfect Summer Snack

April 29, 2018

The heat is upon us, and once we step out of the confines of our air – conditioned offices, there is no way to beat summer. Only cold treats seem to help—and amongst the plethora of choices out there, we’ve found one that guarantees satisfaction.  The Bingsu has become the Instagrammable dessert of choice, and Bonchon’s versions are good to look at and even better to eat. The powder fine ice in Bonchon’s Bingsu is milky and creamy, and the toppings are never skimped on.

Enter our summer snack of choice: Bonchon’s Ube Macapuno Bingsu, a Filipino twist on the the popular Korean shaved ice treat!  It’s pretty ingenious that Bonchon has brought this hybrid to the masses, and at such an affordable price—at PHP99, it’s already good for more than one sweet tooth to share.

The Ube Macapuno Bingsu is a tall layered confection and pretty much a delight to eat. With this generous cup, it’s all about the layers. Within the bowl is a tightly packed milky ice, with a texture akin to fine powdered snow. They’re pretty liberal when it comes to toppings too! The ube crumbs add texture and are a fun dose of color. The ube syrup is the right amount of sweet, and the flavors remind you of real halaya. There are even chunks of macapuno to make for a classic combination, and cubes of leche flan that are silken like custard. On each Bingsu, there is a dollop of Milky Kreme, to give that additional indulgence for each bite!

If the Bonchon Ube Macapuno Bingsu doesn’t satisfy our sweet tooth and solve our heatwave, then we don’t know what will.

If you want a taste of this  summer snack, visit the nearest Bonchon branch near you. Website Facebook Instagram

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