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Try This: 8 Treasures is an Unexpected HK Roast at the Petron Gas Station in Arnaiz Avenue corner EDSA

May 7, 2018

A treasure in itself hidden from view, 8 Treasures Roasting is a new Hong Kong roast that opened up some months ago in the same Petron Station where Va Bene first started. Partnering up with chef Sammy Wong from Hong Kong, the founders of 8 Treasures wanted to bring the authentic taste of HK roasts to Manila.

Chef Sammy Wong preps in their beautifully modern kitchen.

The ‘8 Treasures’ that identifies their restaurant are their primary menu highlights: Roast Duck, Roast Goose, Soy Chicken, White Chicken, Charsiu Pork, Lechon Macau, Suckling Pig and Chinese Sausage. All made true to Hong Kong tradition, these dishes can be enjoyed in a perfect-for-lunch rice bowl, or through special large orders ideal for hosting at home.

Say hello to our crunchy little friend.

While you will find most of their large orders are not readily available on weekdays (they are fully stocked for the weekends), make sure to call a couple of hours ahead (or a day ahead if you want the whole animal) if you’d like them to prepare your order for you. They are mostly equipped on weekdays to serve you your rice bowl. This is what we think you should get when you walk in:


For a truly sulit meal, get the combination of 3 of their “treasures” on top of rice. Our favorite is the crunchy charsiu pork, but their duck is also a treat if you are lucky enough to still catch some in stock.


Authentic, rich and creamy century egg can be easily accessed in Makati. Get this as your side or while waiting for your lunch bowl—you may just over-order enough of it to make it a meal though (we’ve been there).

8 Treasures Roasting

A traditional Hong Kong roast located in the Petron Gas Station outside Dasmariñas Village.

CONTACT: 0977-839-0808 /
ADDRESS: Petron Gas Station, EDSA cor. Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-9PM daily
SPEND: PHP 250-600
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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