Tray’s Anatomy: A Deep Discussion on Chickenjoy vs. Chicken McDo vs. KFC

October 23, 2018

Say your girlfriend just dumped you, or you’re having a long, stressful day, or you’re so over that intense summer boot camp you went through to get your dream beach body (which didn’t even work since you’re still the same fat Jigglypuff that you’ve always been). Right now, you don’t care about what the rest of the world thinks. All you want to do is wolf down a meal of steaming hot rice and two pieces of the best fried chicken you can dunk into a cup of thick, warm gravy.

We say, go ahead. You deserve it. The only question is, where do you go?


On this month’s Tray’s Anatomy, we want to determine which fast food giant serves the best version of an all-time favorite among Filipinos: fried chicken. And by “best,” we mean the brand that scores the highest in terms of the chicken’s size, skin, meat, and the mandatory gravy, in relation to its price.

Last time, it got bloody between McDo and Jollibee. This time, we welcome a third, fitting contender: KFC. Let the fried chicken battle begin.

Serving Size


Among the three fast food restaurants’ two-piece fried chicken meals, there is no clear winner. Each meal comes with one large piece, either a breast or thigh (the piece with the chicken butt; not to be mistaken with the drumstick), and one small piece, which could be a drumstick, a wing, or a rib with some of the neck still attached.

When it comes to size, all the larger fried chicken pieces from all three brands look the same: huge and breaded. But upon closer measurement, KFC wins the first round with the biggest serving size and the highest calorie count.

The Skin

(L-R) KFC, Jollibee, McDonald”s

To be honest, I don’t need a taste test (not even a blind taste test) to conclude that the “crispy-licious” skin of Jollibee’s Chickenjoy is the best among the three brands. But to be fair, we went through it anyway. *Rolls eyes*

KFC’s chicken skin is salty and the only one with tartness to it. The texture can be too soft and soggy, and it just doesn’t taste, feel, or look like real chicken skin. It’s startling how easily it peels off of the meat, and how artificially it hangs on the bone like a sweater on Rachel Zoe.

Flavor-wise, the skin on McDonald’s Crispy Fried Chicken is the saltiest among the three. But unlike KFC’s, the skin on the Chicken McDo is a better representation of real chicken skin. It’s at least easier to spot which part of the thing came from a real bird, and which are just huge lumps of yellow breading that crumble at the slightest touch.

In contrast, the skin on every Jollibee Chickenjoy has just the right combination of real skin and breading. Among the three, this one tastes and looks closest to natural. We also love the occasional bit of fat that comes with every pinch of this crispy covering.

Without a doubt, this round goes to Jollibee.

The Meat

The chicken meat from each food chain are all very similar in terms of texture—juicy, soft, and tender.

Although KFC’s meat has areas that are still slightly pink, it turns out to be the most flavorful. Each bite tastes really good even without dipping it in gravy (which should help you move on from your ex, even just a little). On the other hand, the meat in Jollibee’s and McDo’s chicken breasts taste bland if eaten without any sauce.

This round, again, goes to KFC, the current score being KFC: 2, Jollibee: 1, McDo: 0.

The Gravy

We all love KFC’s magical gravy. It is thick and rich and has that perfect, very subtle kick of spiciness. Heck, we use it as sabaw and not just a dip.

However, through this kitchen experiment, we’ve found that McDonald’s also deserves a bit of the spotlight when it comes to their fried chicken goo. Their gravy tastes smoky and has the perfect balance of saltiness and acidity. It also has the thickest consistency among the three, which makes keeping it on your fried chicken that much easier.

On the other hand, we’re quite disappointed with the gravy from Jollibee. It has a watery consistency and is a bit too tangy.

While we’re pleasantly surprised by McDo’s gravy, we can’t discount the blockbuster sauce from KFC. This round is a draw between the two. KFC leads with 2 points, as Jollibee and McDonald’s trail behind, each with 1 point.


Jollibee’s 2-Piece Chickenjoy Value Meal is priced at PHP 130 and PHP 120 a la carte. If you think you’re also getting more or less the same deal with McDonald’s 2-Piece Chicken McDo with Rice, think again. Their combo meal sells at a whopping PHP 143 and the a la carte at PHP 129, which tempts us to give McDonald’s a one-point deduction. Seriously, what sorcery is this?

In any case, we have to give this round again to KFC. The KFC Streetwise 2-Piece Chicken Combo Meal costs PHP 110 and an impressive PHP 99 a la carte. That’s a 20-peso difference from Jollibee and a 30-peso margin from McDonald’s.

The Verdict

Because KFC’s fried chicken meal offers the biggest serving, really tasty meat, and gravy to die for at the most affordable price, KFC wins.

So the next time you’re torn among the three, let this be your fast food fried chicken manual. Of course you’ll end up a bigger Jigglypuff, but who cares?

What are your thoughts on the results of this experiment? Leave us a comment below!

Header and infographic design by Dana De Leon
Calorie count by My Fitness Pal
Image sources: Expatch, Bioethics, Eat Cook DreamJollibee Delivery, McDelivery, Naira Land

Addi dela Cruz Addi dela Cruz

Addi writes nonfiction that reads like fiction and fiction that isn't meant for children. He lives for breakfasts, getting new stamps on his passport, and perfecting his yoga tree pose. In between episodes of MasterChef and Hannibal, he dreams of owning a café that would serve the best hot chocolate in the South and have 12 tables at most.

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  1. @ronaldsings says:

    haha.. love this experiment..anyway.. i agree with the result but i really have a big heart for Jollibee chicken joy 🙂

  2. D Camacho says:

    I love KFC and I love this post, Addi!:D

  3. Benjamin Canapi says:

    Hey! I actually LIKE the skin on KFC chicken! Glad KFC won, though. As they should.

  4. Rob Cham says:

    yer damn right KFC is the bestest

  5. Lars Roxas says:

    si Ministop chicken talaga foreveralone

  6. diba yung KFC chicken mga clone yun?

  7. Johann says:

    For Filipinos overseas talaga, iba ang pagmamahal natin sa Jollibee because we miss it a lot. However, iba talaga ang lasa ng KFC. Dunno really, but for some strange reason, some foreigners who have been in the Philippines and ate in the fastfood na mas masarap daw ang luto sa Pilipinas.

  8. Adrian De Leon says:

    Medyo palaban din yung Fried Chicken ng Chowking ah. (kaso wala silang gravy) But nice post!

    • Joseph says:

      Yun ang gusto ng mga foreign guests namin, yung Chowking fried. Di nila masyado type yung Jollibee (although pareho may-ari).

      KFC for me though. Masarap kahit hindi na sya maiinit.

    • Gourmet Hunter says:

      but sometimes sa chowking they served over cooked chicken, almost “Tustado” na

  9. Nico Goco says:

    if KFC just started serving extra crispy here, everything would be perfect.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I don’t understand how Jollibee’s ultimate gravy isn’t a hit. it’s my all time fave! but KFC’s comes close though

  11. ethelbert says:

    you should consider greenwich chicken too, i think it’s at par with those 3. But I agree with the verdict – KFC but not the OR because it is salty, the HC.

  12. Mikka Wee says:

    Mini Stop Chicken + KFC Gravy = BEST EVER

  13. mojackomojacko says:

    naguluhan lang ako sa ‘KFC’s chicken skin is the saltiest’ then ‘the skin on McDonald’s Crispy Fried Chicken is the saltiest’

    i like Tropical Hut’s chicken 🙂

    • Addi dela Cruz says:

      Hello! Thanks for pointing this out! We’ve edited that part. What I meant to say was McDo’s chicken skin really was the saltiest. 🙂

  14. Ramon Rocha IV says:

    KFC deserves a win on all counts (on my score card at least). I think it’s because I always order the spicy ones which have crispy skin every single time!

  15. The skin on KFC’s original fried chicken might not be as crispy as Jollibee’s or McDonald’s, but it does taste darn good with hot rice. KFC chicken and gravy + Mang Inasal unlimited rice would be so awesome. @.@

  16. B says:

    I actually like Mcdo chicken. And I don’t think it’s bland wo sauce. Jollibee I know everyone loves but I just think their chicken is OILY. And is only salty, nothing else. KFC is my second favorite. And their gravy is a winner.

  17. hehehe says:

    Andok’s Dokito Frito is great as well!

  18. anonymous says:

    KFC Original Recipe Chicken will never be crispy as they are pressure-fried – also the reason behind why it’s meat is flavorful;)

  19. Ngeks says:

    love Jollibee and KFC’s chicken. i could literally eat them all day. Mcdo’s breading is nakakasawa.

    wait, scratch all of this. Pancake House’s chicken is the best…

  20. nevermind says:

    try ministop’s chicken.

  21. AJ says:

    For portion sizes of 2-pc chicken meals, you can request at certain Jollibee stores for a specific portion. You can even ask for double breast if it’s available. 🙂

    • Double breast, really? Why didn’t I think of that! I’m fine with breast meat as long as the crispy skin on my Chicken joy is there. 🙂

    • Yaochiru says:

      and not only that.. you can even order a bucketmeal of All-breast or All-thigh parts…Eat what only what you wanna eat, not what they just offer… Jollibee ChickenJoy is still the best among the 3… You eat what you want to eat… No Big part, small part duo… You can have the mirror image of the 1st piece… Hands Down!! KFC comes second… spicy i like… McDonald’s is pure breading.. :c”,)

  22. rftreyes says:

    From experience, McDonald’s chicken has so much breading that there was a time they were able to pass off a neck part into looking like a baby drumstick. That was a total ripoff.

    So with that, I would go with KFC as first and Jollibee as second 🙂

    – Ray

  23. […] While both pies were technically made from identical ingredients, the longer and thicker version was undeniably far superior to its smaller clone. It had the perfect crust to flake to yellow fruit ratio. There was enough space to prevent side spillage (a common occurrence with the square pie) of the hot-as-lava filling whenever you take a bite, letting the fruit just smoosh deeper into the pastry tube instead of being wasted on your shirt or the floor. The original also had enough surface area that you actually experienced the crunchy-flaky pastry at its best, instead of having to subsist on nothing but mouthful after mouthful of tough crimped crust-edge with the mini version. Also, it was big enough that you could split one with your date without her feeling so sorry for you she’d offer to go dutch on the Chickenjoy. […]

  24. cutedoc says:

    i seldom or never eat chicken skin but jollibee is an exemption, theirs is “balat pa lang busog na” my wife often remove the crispy skin first and eat the meat, she save the best for last =)

  25. R_ _ says:

    I love Mcdo’s chicken. KFC second. Jollibee, i hate it! Mcdo’s has that taste you’ll never get over of. I really like KFC’s chicken too but they give me stomach aches. I don’t know why. I got trauma from eating KFC’s chicken because i had to vomit so much. But it dosent always happen.

  26. Kami says:

    Pinakamasarap po ang bonchon chicken above all haha too bad wala sa choices

  27. […] While both pies were technically made from identical ingredients, the longer and thicker version was undeniably far superior to its smaller clone. It had the perfect crust to flake to yellow fruit ratio. There was enough space to prevent side spillage (a common occurrence with the square pie) of the hot-as-lava filling whenever you take a bite, letting the fruit just smoosh deeper into the pastry tube instead of being wasted on your shirt or the floor. The original also had enough surface area that you actually experienced the crunchy-flaky pastry at its best, instead of having to subsist on nothing but mouthful after mouthful of tough crimped crust-edge with the mini version. Also, it was big enough that you could split one with your date without her feeling so sorry for you she’d offer to go dutch on the Chickenjoy. […]

  28. Nilary Kuan Rufo says:

    im getting hungy when i read this and the comments…. ive been away from pinas for more than a year…. T_T *sobbing

  29. diorella naoe says:

    the best pa din ang chicken ng yaya ko!

  30. Nitro says:

    SIze – Mcdo – Jolibee – Kfc
    Taste – Kfc – McDo – Jolibee
    Gravy – Kfc – Jolibee – McDo
    Price – it does’nt matter, gutom na ako e…hahahaha!

  31. andi says:

    why not measure how much bad cholesterol we could get out of them, instead?

  32. mykam says:

    It’s startling how easily it peels off of the meat, and how artificially it hangs on the bone like a sweater on Rachel Zoe. <– Best like ever! Haha. Good one! But I still think KFC has the best chicken. Well that and Bonchon 🙂

  33. xeon says:

    pero no.1 list affordability+size+taste+sawsawan = MANG INASAL 🙂

  34. nonamerzzzz says:

    How about in terms of caloriessss!!!! 😀 That would be funnn 😛

  35. nonamerzzzz says:


  36. 'Migs Autocani' says:

    Interesting. Though, to be fair, it’s kinda (read: KINDA) like comparing apples and oranges considering McDo is more of a burger place and Jollibee is more of a sell-you-anything-and-everything-we’ve-got place compared to KFC, which focuses mainly on chicken (they did get their claim to fame with friend chicken, right?). So, call me crazy, but, it seems like the other two were doomed right from the start.

  37. Lourdes Batac says:

    you should all try the chicken from ministop! UNCLE JOHN’S BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER!

  38. m says:

    it’s all about preference man. i’d choose jollibee over kfc and mcdo any day. But if we’re talking about meals less than P100, i’d grab the kfc 2-pc chicken ala carte. I don’t like Mcdonald’s chicken. But! that’s my preference. 🙂

  39. Corn Julio says:

    Tagala’s Chicken ang the best among the three! The best in Ubec!

  40. R says:

    A lot of times since I was a kid, when I order Jollibee chicken, it had little stains of blood inside. But maybe it was just bad luck. Lots of bad luck. Lol. But they still shouldn’t let those things happen anyway.

  41. Wrong Comparison says:

    The comparison is between Crispy Chickens of Jollibee and McDO, KFCs pressure fried.

  42. churvanesence says:

    you nailed it man!

  43. churvanesence says:

    of the three, its gotta be mr sanders, ill devour a bucket with gusto, well almost

  44. Niño Angelo Cadiz says:

    Jollibee and Mcdo lets me have 2 large parts (two thigh parts with butts) for my 2-pc chicken meal! KFC does not. Hahaha! I miss Manila!! 🙁

  45. NINJA says:

    KFC FTW!!

  46. Aron says:

    Kfc yan no wonder! Next is either of the two! Minus the gravy of jollibee! The one you feature here is not the crispy one but the original no wonder you tell that skin si soggy!

  47. Tapsi Plus Southmall says:

    Fried Chicken ba? paki try po ang Chicken sa Tapsi Plus SM Southmall FoodCourt, Festival Supermall Food…I bet sa 3 major companies na nabanggit eh baka hindi niyo na sila pansinin

  48. Jay says:

    KFC is the best.! Dinner Meal or Lunch Meal.? Sulit.! Kahit may Jollibee dito sa KSA dun pa din ako sa sulit ang lasa at presyo..twice pa lang ako kumain sa jolibee dito.pero sa KFC atleast once or twice a week kelangan makakain ako…pero love ko pa din naman ang jollibee pinoy yan eh..! 🙂

  49. Michael says:

    Di ko sure yung gravy part. From my observations, mas watery yung consistency ng Mcdo gravy compared sa Jollibee gravy. Sa taste, mas sweet yung gravy ng Jollibee.

  50. beepbeep says:

    mcdo chicken? that’s disgusting. its not even at the same league as jollibee and kfc

  51. totoy says:

    too exaggerated , that neck are still in the chicken part that they served, if your making a BLOG make it sure its next to reality , unless your writing a scifi article ok lng ,

  52. totoy says:

    sana you mention din who started the UNLI GRAVY !

  53. momofjam says:

    KFC chicken is the best when it comes to fastfood plus their unli gravy…yumyumyum….but savory, max and aristocrat chicken is superb….the pioneers in chicken:-)

  54. dave says:

    kfc for me

  55. dave says:

    should have included the spicy chix from kfc lol

  56. FOODPORN69 says:


  57. JR says:

    Mini stop offers “Uncle Johns” chicken..Must try..! Big Crispy chicken just for 80Php with 500ML pepsi pa. 🙂

  58. Cialman says:

    partida di pa hot and crispy ng KFC ginamit. sure landslide sana. hehe good post, man.

  59. Dong says:

    KFC. Nothing beats.

  60. kini says:

    i like chowking chicken.

  61. SpacedMan420 says:

    Haha, balat lang panlaban ng Jollibee, kawawa naman Mcdo, pero Mang Inasal pa din ako pag dating sa manok.

  62. bobby says:

    Gravy, 99 bucks, can’t beat that. But wanna know where they murder you? The rice is half the size of Jolibee and Mcdo, and costs 17 bucks. Thats where KFC makes up for their cheap chicken.

  63. kevlar_antak says:

    the difference is that the kfc chicken were pre-steamed so theyve become more bloated and a lil tasteless…then the condensed water from the steam they will mixed it with the gravy…so non the less the saltness and chickness will be compensated with the gravy of kfc….just sayin…

  64. Mapy says:

    You should have used KFC’s spicy crispy fried chicken to even out the competition. Also, KFC’s 2 pc chicken street wise meal doesn’t let you choose which parts you want so Jolibee could be more ‘sulit’ with the size-to-price criterion.

    • Marie-Ann says:

      I order the 2-pc street wise meal everytime and order whatever parts I want — only, it should be one small and one big chicken part, which is the practice for all 2-pc chicken meals, I think.

  65. Indigo Blue says:

    There’s a cheap fried chicken turo-turo in Marikina area called Kanto Fried Chicken – or KFC, in short. Around php50 bucks for two pieces. Perfect for tummies that are not discriminating taste and sanitary-wise. Lol

  66. Ranel James Del Castillo says:

    I really had fun reading this! KFC for sure is the best among the 3 followed by jollibee And let’s forget mc donalds, the skin of their chicken is like all bread crumbs.

  67. Deaner says:

    Apparently badshot na sakin KFC. 2 branches nila dito sa las pinas ilang beses na ko na handaan ng reheated chicken and those were dinnertime, alam ko kung reheated kasi jusko po, favorite ko ang fried chicken at nakaka ilang milyong piraso na ata ako nyan. Nasabi kong ilang beses kasi sa sobrang gusto ko sa kfc, ilang beses ako nag bigay ng benefit of a doubt na baka nachambahan ko lang, pero hinde eh, naging consistent na ata so i had enough. May ganun din na experience sa jolibee pero di ganun kadalas. Majority ng experience ko sa jolibee eh literal na chick’enjoy. Sa mcdo naman, no comment ako dyan kasi bilang ng daliri ko sa kanang kamay kung ilang beses ko na order chicken nila and it wasnt bad after all. Besides, when it comes to burgers, di nawawala sa choices yung double cheese burger and quarter pounder nila.

    • bugsy says:

      bro, alam ko dinedeliver yung KFC sa stores ng fried na at dumadaan lang talaga sa oven pagdating sa store.

      • chola says:

        it’s freshly cooked in the store. blended with secret 11 herbs and spices..and they don’t use oven or reheating process.

      • rondo says:

        freshly delivered po ang manok ng KFC..
        unlike the others chicken has preservatives and always frozen.

  68. Samiel Jullana says:

    gusto ko yung chicken joy

  69. no says:

    Tropical Hut’s chicken would own this.

  70. ohlalamc says:

    I miss the other KFC….. KIPPS’ FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!

  71. eldiemar says:

    panalo na sa chicken panalo pa sa gravy at panalo pa sa price kaya naman gusto ko ang KFC. wag lang sana silang magbago sa mga products nila…

  72. A very caring human says:

    No need to argue actually. KFC’s fried chicken is the best among the three. Though of course Jollibee and McDo have their own trademarks too (Jollibee=spaghetti; McDo=fries)

  73. bugsy says:

    kanto fried chicken- bente pesos!

  74. ukyo says:

    Dokito Frito – budget wise 😛

  75. Exige says:

    the best pa rin ang Chowking’s Chinese Style fried chicken!!!
    sunod Jollibee’s chickenjoy!!!
    tapos Chicken fillet ng KFC,,
    last chicken ng Mcdo,,hindi kasi consistent yung lasa ng chicken at gravy kaya last on the list ko sila =)

  76. chola says:

    KFC Best Tasting Chicken.. beats langhap sarap pambata,

  77. TamTam Cruise says:

    greenwich :)))

  78. Youngsiever says:

    How about yung sa ministop? Mr. johns ba yun? Talap din yun.. Mura pa…

  79. ANONYMOUS says:

    Bakit ganun ang chicken ng Jollibee?? Palaging may blood sa bone part ng leg tuwing nag oorder ako pati yung skin nila hindi well done may mga natira pang flour sa loob kaya ang panget ng impression ko sa Jollibee eh :((

  80. Imelda Caparros Arceo says:

    kfc… gravy pa lng ulam na …. 🙂

  81. john says:

    Mas Feel ko parin yung jollibee…. kc yung sa KFC dati talaga masarap yung gravy ng KFC eh I just notice na ngayun kasama na yung bitter taste na Sunog!!….. seriously ganun na sya sa lahat kaya medyo di ko na naging feel ehh… according to a singapore food critics 1st ang jollibee sa chicken standard at ang kfc ay nasa top 10th …. ohh well still mas gusto ko yung crispy kesa sa soggy…. i rather choose mcdo on top of kfc….

  82. […] Sanders may have won the fried chicken wars but the redhead clown has brought the old man to his knees with the McSpicy, proving that being the […]

  83. Chef want to be says:

    I wish.. merong nagawang recipe na kalasa ng tatlo dito sa 😀

  84. CHICKEN says:

    You know what.. In glorietta tabi-tabi lang sila.. SO I EAT THEM ALL!!!

  85. maria says:


  86. maria123 says:

    feeling lang pala… sana may insider info..were these double fried or single fried? what’s the oil used? the oil contributes to the taste and crunchiness too

    doesn’t the saltiness contribute to the umay factor? because mcdo’s has a saltier fried chicken, having a 2-pc meal might not as enjoyable as having a 2-pc meal from jollibee

    doesn’t temperature contribute to the experience? how did the pieces arrive? were they room temp or hot out of the fryer?

    p.s. kfc’s gravy is like mud. gone is their heyday of gravy so tasty, you’d want to lick to container.

  87. disqus_h2V4j7DlUf says:

    Seriously? If you really wanted to compare crispy chicken you could have used KFC’s spicy chicken instead. Skin wise it tastes a whole lot better than Jolibee

    • Forrest says:

      hell your right!!!

      the hot & spicy flave is not just in the skin (not like jollibee’s spicy chicken where in they will just sprinkle it with chili powder) but instead the flave reaches to the bone of the chicken… 😀

      • Chloe says:

        It’s marinated with a hot and spicy flavor unlike jollibee’s chicken which is just sprinkled with a spicy powder

  88. andre35 says:

    I didn’t really like this post. The whole throw down was based more on the personal preference of the writer, and not everyone has the same preference as him. One opinion is not enough to crown one store as superior against all three; especially since the three fast food chains have entirely different audiences. Not to mention that if you’re trying to compare three different food items, you should eliminate ALL possible outside interference, (atmosphere, length of time between pulling the food out of the oil and eating it, branch where you bought it, etc.), as well as make sure that all factors that contribute to the final products are equal (brand of oil used, cooking time, supplier of raw chicken meat, brands of ingredients, etc.).

    Hindi reliable yung post nito, and I’m sorry for (kinda) flaming this post, but these are the things I’ve been doing since I was in college, up to my present job.

  89. conyo kid says:

    bonchon d u h

  90. Churva says:

    Horrah for KFC!!! XD
    I love KFC.^^

  91. ilovechicken says:

    that sizing is inaccurate. Jollibee could give you 2 big parts if you asked for it while in KFC being bitches, they’ll only give you 1 ‘big’ part and a really REALLY small part which usually has little meat to the bones. I feel bad for people who order kfc 1 piece and get those small parts.

  92. ThatGirl says:

    Jollibee is still the best for me. I love their gravy, unlike sa kfc halos walang lasa.

  93. Chicken Killer says:

    Haha! This is a good read. Bravo for the experiment. And yeah!, KFC really has the best chicken there is.

  94. ticz says:

    To those fucking people who keeps on suggesting other brands as winners rather than the three mentioned above, FUCK YOU!!! read the fucking title goddamnit!

  95. karnyzero says:


  96. PrinR says:

    LOL KFC Marketing article.

  97. Pickoy says:

    Cindy’s!!! Don’t eat the gravy!!! It’s poison! How much did KFC pay you?

  98. Jadd says:

    Some KFC branches serve Chicken legs looking like they came for chicks.

  99. Marc Rich Patrick Li says:

    People, you don’t boo other people because of their opinion. No one is stopping you from creating your own article (let us see if you like being turned down). This is ‘Their’ results, ‘Their’ research. Did you even people tried to pin point those categories of like “The hell I like Mc Donalds and that’s it. Fuck other peoples likes!”

    Btw, I notice the “Leave us a comment below”

    Comments not some criticism that would make you feel that your the man, the cool guy/gal. Whew.

    My comment: I prefer Jollibee’s chicken bec. of those super crunchy chick skin. 😀

  100. Athena says:

    KFC gravy is does not taste that great anymore.

  101. ScummyMan says:

    Chowking chicken deserves a spot in the competition! Would also love to see a newcomer showdown of BonChon, Manang’s, and Chicken Charlie

  102. thekarlmedina says:

    McDo doesnt serve breast part

  103. lgj says:

    Do you cook mr Addi Dela Cruz? Or do you even watch cooking show? How about can you name at least ten great Chef’s of our time? If not, maybe you shouldnt be writing this stuff.
    True great tasting fried chicken doesn’t need a gravy…I DISAGREE with the verdict. Jollibee Chicken Joy is the best fried chicken out there!

    • KAbooM says:

      looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed lol

      Like every blog out there, these are the author’s views. I think there will never be a clear winner on who has the best chicken out there, while I personally think KFC is the best, people who don’t have the same palette as mine could swing either way. No one’s stopping you from making your own article to fully critique the best fried chicken out there, so why not write an argument of your own and post it up on your blog (if you have one)?

    • eyjay says:

      *grabs popcorn* *sits down comfortably waiting for comments*

  104. B says:

    As far as I can remember, you can order a 2pc Chicken Joy meal with 2 large pieces. At least that’s how i always order. “2pc chicken joy po, parehong thigh part.” 🙂

  105. D says:

    Bigger Jigglypuff 🙂

  106. abnkkbsplk says:

    Honestly guys, this is his blog. If you think his stuff is unrealiable then stop reading it. I enjoyed reading this and couldn’t help but agree with most of what’s here. Pero sabi nga nila, different strokes for different folks. I oddly find Jollibee’s gravy delicious and I would love it if I could eat KFC’s spicy chicken with that gravy. The gold for me is Jollibee’s original and KFC’s spicy. McDonald’s, for me, is simply a burger and fries place. They don’t serve breasts, boo!

    • Desiree says:

      It’s not really a blog. It’s a website that aims to spread information to other people. A blog is just an outlet for people to place their input and ideas without really caring for their audience, nor doing it to garner attention, as this website does.

      • bitter_sa_prof_nya says:

        Tama! Lalo na yung “spreading information”. Parang mga teachers yan eh. Dapat ang tinuturo at ikinakalat sa mga students ay kung ano ang TAMA at TOTOO, at hindi yung mga biases nila!

  107. Mary S. says:

    KFC is the best! <3 i TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR BLOG! 🙂

  108. Kev Vitug says:

    My subconscious mind was rooting for KFC to win even if I like the other parts of the meat and such from Mcdonald’s and Jollibee.

  109. ajajaj says:

    most of the time, kfc serve small chicken parts.. i mean, really small as compared to mcdo/jollibee

    • Eyjay says:

      you’re probably buying from a bad branch. try KFC at SLEX. they really serve huge-ass chicken

      • Gerby says:

        ^ I agree with Eyjay, their BIG serving size is amazingly consistent, whenever we’re going to our province, we’re always eating there, and I’ve never eaten a small size chicken there, like the sizes here in Quezon City

        • Drake says:

          ajajaj is absolutely right. every kfc i went in my place here in las pinas, alabang or even in makati i often get small portions of chicken. It sucks big time so i hate kfc, with their monosodium filled gravy, sorry………
          mcdo on the other hand has the worse chicken for me, blunt in flavor small portion and unbelievably abnormal looking i wouldnt even want to see it.

  110. Jenna says:

    I don’t care. I still love ChickenJoy!!! :))

  111. Megs says:

    Thank you Addi. You had a BRAVO comparison of the 3. I would recommend that you also compare pizzas pastas and shakes because these are the tempting foods younger generation turned to when hungry! Thanks!

  112. Bennii Obaña says:

    God, I love this review! That’s one for us fat/phat boys!!!

  113. Raphael IntoEntropy Recordings says:

    you forgot that kfc has the hot and crispy option. which blows original recipe chicken out of the water. 🙂

  114. Raphael IntoEntropy Recordings says:

    but if you really want the best combo of size and flavor, id go for ministop’s chicken. best chicken bar none.

  115. Jobil says:

    I believe Jollibee wins the chicken size category. You can request the crew to serve you 2 pcs of breast or 2 pcs of thigh part and they won’t tell you that they serve 2 pcs chicken in a combination of big and small pieces.


    Well we gotta give it to KFC, they’re fried chicken specialists.

  117. whatsupmrbid says:

    Best chicken?! Go to Kipp’s, available at SM foodcourts!

  118. Alan says:

    I dislike the idea of fast food, and prefer house food. But I like the taste of friend chicken. Compliments; funny and clear. I’m agree with you. Think that in Europe the quality of KFC is very better that in the Philippines; you wait 5 minutes your order, but the chicken is friend at the moment and also never soft but always crispy. You know that I prefer the normal friend Chicken of KFC that the original recipe one?

  119. Manson Mamaril says:

    I like the latest P99 from Jollibee… with the soup… 😀

  120. John says:

    Sadly, I was able to relate to the fat jigglypuff part.

  121. faye says:

    for me, McDonalds fried chicken is still the best yum yum 🙂

  122. Alvin says:

    Not true – KFC serves the smallest chicken especially when they launched the 2pcs for P99

  123. foodporn says:

    Try the chicken of Mini Stop. It’s surprisingly good! Juicy and tender chicken.

  124. Yolanda says:

    Habang ang iba may problema sa pinsala ni yolanda, may mga makikitid na utak na nakikipagaway pa dahil lang sa yan.

  125. tagupsining says:

    Max fried chicken pa rin…

  126. Anonymouse says:

    Now evolving to a Wigglytuff.

  127. Kennedy Feria says:

    Max’s or Savory chicken…..nothing beats “old school”!

    • M says:

      Max’s, for me, is still number 1! I think we here have all tried this delicious fried chicken with their kamote fries. Match made in heaven! I was honored enough to have met the owner and the person who started Max’s and she was really nice. 🙂

  128. louieaguinaldo says:

    Sadly, the writer’s experience of KFC having the biggest serving is not the same reality for others. For sometime now they have been terribly inconsistent with their serving sizes. Take a look at the photo below. The Chicken breast compared to the rice and the gravy cup. This isn’t an isolated incident. Took quite a few photos at different occasions. I have brought this up to KFC and they apologized and said they will look into it. Unfortunately, we still from time to time experience similar quail-sized pieces when we have kfc delivered.

    • Kelly says:

      I once ate at KFC and spoke with the manager about the size of their chicken. I merely told the manager to train his crew to stop saying ‘One big part and one small part’ and just say ‘Choice of Thigh and Wing or Breast and Leg’ because the breast part looked smaller than the wing. It wasn’t just my opinion of ‘smaller’ I actually called one staff and asked her which of the 2 pieces was the small part–she picked the breast. They attempted to replace the breast with a thigh part–still smaller than the wing and ended up giving me another serving of breast and apologizing for the experience. So 3 small chicken, rice and orange juice for P115. That;s a good deal but too bad for KFC’s reputation. I love their chicken and gravy but boo for their serving size.

  129. YAherd says:

    Dat 2 piece spicy jollibee chicken doe…

  130. FrostLoop says:

    Why not go to Tropical Hut, instead? Their chicken pieces are much larger than those in McDonalds or KFC. 110 grams? Think 150-180 grams!

  131. asdfgjkl says:

    I say another contender is the fried chicken from MINISTOP which costs at around 70 pesos. Really good, crispy and juicy!!

  132. M says:

    As much as I try to cut down on my fast food intake, I do tend to shy away from McDonald’s and Jollibee when it comes to my fried chicken cravings. I am quite partial with KFC because they are just too delicious. Honestly, I love this post! It’s somehow quite amusing to see these three supers get compared with each other. Someone, at some point, had to do it.

  133. Gab16 says:

    wish ko lang na sana magkaroon ng drive thru ang KFC malapit samin…. 🙂 masarap gravy ng julibay.. d lang sila consistent.. pinakamaliit na manok McDo.. lagi akong nakakaencounter ng maliit na part kapag nakain ako sa Mcdo.. 🙂

  134. Jay says:

    Of the three, Chickenjoy is still the winner for me 🙂

    KFC’s chicken really is the best-tasting of the three; however, medyo inconsistent talaga ang KFC pagdating sa size ng chicken. Dito sa amin, okay naman ang size pero pagdating sa ibang branches sa Manila, sobrang nakakadisappoint. Naalala ko nung kumain kami sa KFC sa BGC sobrang napa-“WHAT?” ako pagkakita ko ng chicken :)) Jollibee’s spicy chickenjoy really rocks, and it feels and tastes “chicken”, unlike sa KFC na… uhm… nvm. :)) Sorry, McDo. Fries at sundae lang ang habol ko sa’yo :)))

    Still, iba pa rin ‘pag lutong bahay 🙂

  135. Rei says:

    Jollibee for me, those two contenders are serving “Android Chicken”, not real and not healthy. 😀

  136. Duke says:

    Can you do one comparing Roasted Chicken? Those like Andok’s, Baliwag, Mang Juan, and Chooks to go?

  137. E says:

    In my opinion…

    texture: Jollibee

    flavor: KFC

    the last time I had McDonalds, I felt like I was eating a piece of chicken coated with crushed crackers.

  138. […] are forced to undergo. As anyone who’s ever had cravings at 2AM would attest, eating cold KFC or Chicken Joy straight from the fridge is far from an unpleasant experience. It’s not any worse than a breast […]

  139. Christian says:

    Chickenjoy is the clear winner here. The cheapest, the biggest, the crispiest, and the most sulit among the three. It’s the cheapest too. The skin especially the spicy one has the kick that will make you crave for more. They also usually serve it fresh after frying. And because they serve it fresh, you can really taste the juiciness of the chicken in the inside. It’s a bit plain though but it’s legit Chicken taste.

    KFC comes close in second. Their two pc chicken is just disappointing especially for the small one given its relatively high price. They even serve mediocre wings and a bit soggy parts(not really soggy but sort of moist texture). What’s best is here is their incontestably thick, rich, and free gravy. haha. You cannot just simply resist the taste of the combination of the twelve herbs which it brings to the flavor of the chicken. The drawback here is the size and the price.

    McDo’s chicken indeed live up to its name of “crispy” chicken joy but it’s only just up to that. The price is relatively high and there’s even no sign of mouthgasm factor in eating. Parang walang “joy” sa pagkain chicken nila. Though sulit, their chicken fillet is made up of not real chicken and always vary in size unlike the regular piece which is in the medium size. But, their gravy stands out among all other gravies previously said. There’s a hint of spiciness which I really like and it’s also thick and flavorful.

    For me, Jollibee pa rin. You know, their food is designed to cater to capture the palates of Filipinos especially the ordinary masses. KFC and McDo brings too much unfamiliar western taste for the common people. We all have different tongues and personal taste but in the end, it still depends on the person who will eat and or just want to satisfy his/her cravings. After all, everybody loves chicken.

  140. […] we’re looking to save money, there’s always the ever reliable Jollibee or McDonald’s or KFC, but then I picture the long queues we’d surely encounter, and my stomach grumbles in […]

  141. Jack Reyes says:

    I’m not sure if KFC is really serving chicken. It’s damn too small for its serving size. Are they using quails?

  142. […] also claims that frog meat is healthier than chicken. Although I am not yet ready to give up eating Chickenjoy, I could see myself go for the occasional fried palaka. I am guessing it would taste great with a […]

  143. […] Tray’s Anatomy: A Deep Discussion on Chickenjoy vs. Chicken McDo vs. KFC […]

  144. boyet says:

    Paano naging KFC. Hindi nga marunong magluto ng kanin ang KFC. Kanin lang, hilaw pa. Sa fried chicken ay para kang kumakain ng puro breading. Mas nalalasahan mo ang flour kaysa manok. Jollibee ang pinakamasarap na fried chicken, crispy ang labas, juicy ang laman!

  145. Gi says:

    i think you should consider the chicken from Mini-Stop. seriously, 2 piece chicken for Php105.00 but the size is gigantic. and it taste better than all of these 3 fast food chains.

  146. Jaypee says:

    love how you have had ended-up comparing these three simply so amazing chicken favorites truth is you made me starve right now..but anyway KFC deserves em right

  147. Ria says:

    These reviews really remind me of Alton Brown with all the “science” involved. I’m looking forward to more of this. Why not do a rotisserie chicken version – Andok’s vs. Chooks-to-go vs. Baliwag or a chicken inasal battle – Mang Inasal vs. Chickboy vs. JT’s Manukan. Anyway, kudos to Addi dela Cruz, your articles crack me up every single time.

  148. VM Doliente says:


  149. Marco says:

    Burger King chicken (nung meron pa) Ok din…

  150. PAO says:

    No. Uncle’s John fried chicken is the best 😀 MINISTOP

  151. James Norman Tenorio says:

    I think this needs to be updated.

    KFC has ballooned back to P135 (Also, I don’t think KFC serves the biggest chicken)
    McDo has ala carte P99 for 2 pc
    Jollibee now has the most expensive at P142 with 1 Thigh/Breast + 1 Leg/Wing (can be alleviated by purchasing 2 1Pc ala carte which will set you back P8 but it gives you extra rice and 2 big parts)

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