Tray’s Anatomy: Wendy’s Baconator vs. Burger King’s King Stack

January 24, 2019
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In this all-new Tray’s Anatomy, two burger heavyweights—and I mean heavyweights—go head to head in a titanic battle of towering beef patties, bacon, and cheese. Burger King challenges everyone’s favorite Wendy’s burger, the Baconator, with its very own BK Stacks. I wonder, which beef and bacon burger is really worth our money? It’s time to find out as we get this burger battle started.


Unless you have a baby Pokemon inside your belly, chances are neither burger would be something you would typically order for lunch everyday. Both are roughly the size of half a Pikachu and are priced at more than 200 pesos each.

Wendy’s Baconator retails at a whopping PHP 246 ala carte and PHP 298 with regular-size fries and a drink. Burger King’s King Stack is available for PHP 200 ala carte and PHP 240 if upgraded to a complete meal with a soda and fries.

With a difference of PHP 46 (a la carte) and PHP 58 (meal) respectively, the King Stack emerges as the more sulit option and takes the first round. Score: 0-1.

Serving Size


Judging the two burgers side by side, the Baconator is a lot bigger and heftier. Wendy’s monster burger far exceeds its rival’s weight and volume, thrashing the King of Stacks off the heavyweight throne.

So if you’re wondering which makes for a bigger, funkier burp, I say go for the Baconator which claims this round and brings the score to a tie at 1-1.

The Bun

Wendy’s bread for the Baconator is an interesting choice. It’s a leavened, yellow bread that’s soft and is more on the sweet side. Although I like its texture and taste, a nice break from the usual bread served with our burgers, it might not be the best complement to the Baconator’s super rich and heavy fillings.

The bun on the BK Stacks, on the other hand, is nothing special. It’s quite similar to the bread McDonald’s uses for all their sandwiches. Its simplicity, however, successfully elevates the beef patties and the bacon. It brings their flavors to the forefront with little distraction; exactly what I need my bread to do.

Since Burger King’s bun seems to be the only one who knows who the real star of the sandwich is supposed to be, I have to give this round to them. Score: 1-2, in favor of BK.

The Bacon

You can’t add “-ator” to something unless it’s hardcore (except if it’s an escalator. Or a calculator. Lubricator, too. Wait, you know what, nevermind). My point is Wendy’s 250-gram burger lives up to its intimidating name. Unwrapping my Baconator, I am filled with pride (and slight panic, really) at how much protein is staring back at me. Wendy’s layers each Baconator with generous strips of long, fatty bacon, and for a brief but sweet 3.38 seconds, I don’t mind I paid 300 bucks for a fast food meal.

baconator highlight

BK’s King Stack on the other hand could use a few more strips of bacon.  Only the top of the burger has adequate pork belly coverage. I also wish the bacon they used was crisper, to contrast with the other soft components. Nice try, Burger King, but you could do better.

Wendy’s tugs back at the rope, giving us another deadlock at 2-2. (Wow, this sort of feels like the last DLSU vs. UST Game.)

The Cheese and Dressing

If there’s one thing the Baconator could improve on, it would be the amount of cheese on the burger. I found their portions too little for the big hunks of meat they stuff in between those buns. Another possible solution perhaps would be to simply change the location of the cheese. Maybe that would do the trick? I’m not sure.

Another surprising discovery about the Baconator is that the ketchup used in the burger is different from the contents of the Heinz packets Wendy’s serves with their fries. This one is darker in color and complements the beef flavor with a necessary, sharp acidity.

It’s the complete opposite experience with Burger King. I unwrap my King Stack and it’s a veritable cheese explosion, four layers of molten golden gunk oozing everywhere. It tastes great with the bacon and even better with the beef.

king stack highlight

The King Stack also has a default burger dressing that’s light orange in color and has bits of, um, pickles(?) barely noticeable. The King Stack doesn’t have ketchup in it by default. I try putting in a little in between bites myself, and it tastes even better.

Without a doubt, this round goes to Burger King for the amount of cheese and for not presuming that everyone likes mayo and ketchup in their burgers. The score now is 2-3, in favor of the King.

The Patties

Wendy’s seems to have the advantage in this department since they proudly advertise their patties as being 100% USDA-certified beef. True to the ads, the patties are thick and heavy, just a few notches under terrifying.

However, although the rich flavor of the patties is the hero of the burger, each bite a reminder of the washboard abs you’ll never have, the overall dining experience could be dry and nakakaumay.

BK’s King Stack is a different story. Even if each patty is thinner, easy to underrate especially if you have just wolfed down a Baconator, one bite will have you swallowing your judgmental comments about the meat in your mouth not being big enough. The patties are soft and have just the right balance between smokiness and sweet. It has the char-grilled taste I love in Burger King’s sandwiches. Frankly, I could care less that it isn’t 100% beef. It’s the perfect greasy love affair after happy hour.

There isn’t a clear winner for me in this round. If you’re looking for huge, chunky double patties, go for the Baconator. If you prefer a slightly smaller but much more enjoyable to eat burger, I recommend the BK Stacks. Since I can’t decide, it’s a draw and both get a point. The score is now at 3-4, in favor of Burger King as the buzzer rings and the battle ends.

The Verdict

Wendy’s Baconator may be the bigger, more sinful bacon and beef burger, but it has subpar individual components. Also, I’m still not over the fact that Wendy put mayo and ketchup in my burger without asking me first.

On the other hand, Burger King’s King Stack may fall a little short in terms of size, but it’s still a burger for the big guys. Plus, it’s way more affordable than the Baconator and seems to be the more thought-through product between the two.

With a final score of 3-4, I recommend the King Stack from Burger King to be your go-to monster burger.

Do you agree with the scoring? Any food products you’d like to see go head to head? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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14 responses to “Tray’s Anatomy: Wendy’s Baconator vs. Burger King’s King Stack”

  1. Allen Genoraga says:

    I’ve noticed na parang bumaba na talaga yung qualiy ng Wendys’ burger. Mas maliit na sila ngayon and it seems like they’re scrimping sa ingredients. Quite a disappointment.

  2. Ella says:

    Awesome article. Awesome illustrations.

    I agree with Allen. Wendy’s is no longer what they used to be. I used to love their bacon mushroom melt, but it has since become a sad excuse for a burger. 🙁

  3. Nahkta says:

    you could ask them to skip the mayo and ketchup just like on other fast food joints. 90% of the time they put just too much mayo on them.

  4. Hokey Pokey says:

    OMG How many calories? Mukhang lagpas 1000 for everything haha.

  5. mojacko says:

    you had me at ‘Unless you have a baby Pokemon inside your belly’

  6. I haven’t tried both the burgers and this article made the decision for me, King Stack for the next Burger King visit! Love the illustrations in this article! 🙂

  7. Dylan Dylanco says:

    Do cheesy bacon mushroom melt burgers from Jollibee and Wendy’s!

  8. shinya says:

    You could always ask for more bacon in BK :))

    I once ordered one of their bacon cheeseburgers but asked for 6 extra servings of bacon. I heard their kitchen guy ask “pwede ba yun?” when the order came up on their screen lol- the manager then had to intervene and tell her employees there’s nothing wrong with my order

  9. Yang says:

    For T-Rex Burgers! You should try Rex’s in BF Resort Las Pinas.

  10. Mister kenneth kong says:

    What about the cheesy bacon mushroom champion of jollibee

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