Tray’s Anatomy: The Donut Battle Between J.Co and Krispy Kreme

November 13, 2018

In the Philippines, Krispy Kreme has been sitting comfortably atop the (Iron) Donut Throne for years. People would willingly wait in long queues just to get their order. They’d hover uncomfortably over other (eating) diners in their desperation to get a table. Once, I waited in line just to purchase a forty-peso Hershey’s Cookies and Kreme donut. I felt so guilty and ashamed at first but was immediately exonerated as soon as I bit into the sweet pastry. For sweet tooths like me, Krispy Kreme was donut heaven. Was.

Fast-forward to today, more people now carry big yellow boxes of donuts home instead of the iconic white and green polka-dotted boxes of before. Gone are the long lines and creepy table hoverers at Krispy Kreme. Meanwhile, J.Co branches often look like J.Lo autograph-signings, ones where she’s giving each fan a strand of her post-performance armpit hair. It’s the only explanation for the amount of people in line.

While more people now seem to prefer J.Co over Krispy Kreme, we can’t discount the possibility that this J.Co craze might just be another temporary food fad. Remember when you had to get in line behind ten other people just to get a pearl milk tea? Me neither. At most, there would only be seven of them.

The two brands clearly offer very different donut promises. So in this month’s Tray’s Anatomy, Krispy Kreme and J.Co are squaring off for the ultimate taste-periment to determine which brand deserves to be number one. Let the Donut Wars begin.



Both Krispy Kreme and J.Co donuts sell at PHP 42 a piece. However, a box of 12 assorted flavors costs PHP 365 at Krispy Kreme but only PHP 350 at J.Co. With its PHP 15 discount, J.Co wins the first round.

The Originals

Let’s start the taste test by comparing both brands’ most basic offering: the glazed donut.


Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Donut and J.Co’s Glazzy look almost identical. When it comes to the weight, however, Krispy Kreme clobbers J.Co by weighing more than two of the latter’s donuts combined. This should tell you which brand you’d want to pick when looking to fill an empty tummy.

When it comes to flavor, we still give this round to Krispy Kreme. Its glaze is just a perfect crust of sugar over fluffy dough. After that first bite, you can’t help but crave for more.

In contrast, the J.Co Glazzy is far from magical. It’s not impressive at all. Perhaps this is why no one really orders more than one Glazzy from J.Co at a time (if people order it at all), while the patrons of Krispy Kreme are more than happy with an all-Original Glazed Dozen.

Score: Krispy Kreme – 1, J.Co – 1

The Dough

Before donuts could spread their wings and fly—or in this case, get drizzled with rainbow sprinkles or slathered with something sweet and decadent—they all start as humble and innocent plain round buns.

Apart from unique flavors or variants that an establishment offers, frequent donut patrons know their favorite brand by the taste and texture of the bread.

The bread in Krispy Kreme donuts is soft yet rigid enough not to crumble or squash easily. In fact, you can leave your donut at room temperature overnight (or even for a few days and yes, we have tried this), and the quality of the dough doesn’t suffer that dramatically. Although this might sound like a good thing, we can’t help but wonder what preservatives, if any, Krispy Kreme injects in its products to make them last so long.

J.Co’s bread, on the other hand, is a glorious drug of fluffy chewiness when served warm and straight out of the oven. Unfortunately, to keep up with the demand of its nonstop influx of customers, the JCrew is forced to forego serving only freshly baked bread. And just like that, you turn that angelic piece of pastry into a cold, flat piece of depression.

Bottomline: The perfect donut bread exists, it’s just not from either brand. Therefore, no one wins this round. The score remains tied at 1-1.



Krispy Kreme knows how to attract the young market. They are constantly coming up with different limited-time-only flavors, from Speculoos Cookie Butter to the one-eyed Mike Wazowski. With eight-year-olds frolicking in a sea of colorful donuts as projected customers (I swear that sounded a lot less perverted in my head), most if not all Krispy Kreme flavors are, unsurprisingly, too sweet.

Peanut Butter and Kreme, Hershey’s Cookies and Kreme, Oreo, and the Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled are always at the top of our Krispy Kreme shopping list. Kids love them, and so do we!

Not all Krispy Kreme flavors have been a hit, though. Some have certainly missed the mark. The Caramel Kreme Crunch, for instance, is a mishmash of nutty, sweet, and salty flavors that don’t quite mesh. Their Kreme Brulee’s crystal coating tasted more burnt than toasted. Let’s keep char-grilling to our burger patties, please. And have you tried the New York Cheesecake? I swear, I tried to like it, but the tangy lemon filling just didn’t work for me.

 Meanwhile, past the long queue of customers extending all the way to EDSA, there lies the not-so-secret garden of donuts that is J.Co. Even though they do not have seasonal or co-branded donuts, their wide array of flavors, though rarely if at all updated, is more than enough to keep their customers coming back.

Some J.Co creations worth a spot in your box of 12 include the Alcapone, which is a perfect marriage of white chocolate and almonds, Why Nut (the peanut butter filling in this one is the sex!), Oreology, which they should double in size because having just one is torture, and any of their flavors topped with chocolate caviar.

However, J.Co also offers several topping choices that we’d rather leave behind the glass counters. The Monapisa, a cheap Meat-Lovers’ Pizza trying to be an artisanal donut, the Don Mochino, tastes like liquefied Cream-O (minus the cream filling), and the Green Tea, which even matcha lovers would find bad, are all donuts you should skip.

Krispy Kreme has an edge due to their constant innovation, but J.Co offers a much wider variety to choose from. And since the too-sweet quality of Krispy Kreme donuts has numbed our taste buds, we give this round to J.Co, giving them a 2-1 lead.

 The Verdict

Technically, J.Co is the winner. But since each round was either a draw or a really tight match, we need you to help us decide. Which donut brand do you prefer? Tell us by commenting below.

Addi dela Cruz Addi dela Cruz

Addi writes nonfiction that reads like fiction and fiction that isn't meant for children. He lives for breakfasts, getting new stamps on his passport, and perfecting his yoga tree pose. In between episodes of MasterChef and Hannibal, he dreams of owning a café that would serve the best hot chocolate in the South and have 12 tables at most.

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  1. Chocobutternut says:

    How bout a review between Dunking Donuts and these two? Regular vs “special” donuts? to really see what the fuzz is about

  2. Billie Bautista says:

    J. Co because it is not overly sweet compared to Krispy Kreme

  3. This is such a good feature! Am such a fan of your site! I’ve been digging J.Co a bit more as of late. Sometimes KK can be a bit too sweet. I guess it depends on my mood though…

  4. Katrina Gumaru-Roa says:

    Betweent J Co and Krispy Kreme, I’d go for Krispy Kreme. But yes, Dunkin’ Donuts should have been included here. Their Boston Cream is the best.

  5. 'Migs Autocani' says:

    Krispy Kreme vs J.Co? How about Dunkin Donuts vs Mister Donuts?! Ha! 2 of the Filipino’s original favorite donut shops, IMO.

  6. Dovakhin says:

    Para sa akin panalo ang Krispy Kreme kasi mas masarap yung dough niya, malaman at siksik atsaka masarap ang fillings niya. Ang J.Co kasi puro hangin, sa tingin ko ang J.Co ay combination ng Dunkin at Krispy, parang dunkin ang dough at para namang Krispy ang fillings and toppings.

  7. Philip says:

    Krispey Kreme wins because I really think the line in Jco is OA.

  8. CL Roach says:

    Wow. This one is hard. KK has flavors that J.Co doesn’t have, and vice versa. Is it OK if I just love them both? Haha! But still. nothing beats Dunkin’ Donuts. They really have stood the test of time here in the Philippines, i’ll give ’em that.

  9. Carlito says:

    The logo of J.Co looks like the inside of a vagina.. just sayin

  10. Mikka Wee says:

    Love this article, Addi!!! Though I must say, despite KK being a bit too sweet most of the time, their Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter donut is pretty good (and not super sweet) 🙂

  11. A says:

    J.Co wins! Krispy Kreme gives you diabetes, sickly sweet doughnuts. Bleh

  12. Mikka Wee says:

    Hahaha Cronut vs. Doissant vs. Kronut for the next Tray’s Anatomy, please! 😀

  13. Vincent Maldia says:

    ” we can’t help but wonder what preservatives, if any, Krispy Kreme injects in its products to make them last so long.”

    you dont need artificial preservatives to do that. see

  14. Vincent Maldia says:

    btw, by some coincidence, the local SM in san fernando pampanga has both these donut shops – and they started construction within days of each other

  15. kath says:

    None. Cello’s forever!!

  16. brrrp says:

    RE: Dough. The local Krispy Kreme dough is not as fluffy as its American counterpart.

  17. Johann says:

    JCo for me. I can only tolerate Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donuts–the rest of their stock make me feel like I’m gonna get diabetes after the first bite (and I have diabetics on the family gene pool). But then, I can just walk into a JCo here in KL and not be worried about long lines (the one with the long lines here, curiously, is Auntie Anne’s).

  18. rftreyes says:

    Krispy Kreme for me. J. Co flavor and texture didn’t get my vote, and all the more with their super long lines that still get me wondering until now why can’t they just add more manpower per store to take orders and stuff the boxes (Yes, I studied the store movement. I had THAT much time in those few years of my misspent youth 😛 )

    Oh, and regarding the Krispy Kreme doughnuts lasting days and still looking the same. Yes that is true. It is in my list of of those that pass this “Leftover Test” standards (along with some other pizza joints and buffalo wings from around the metro). What keeps it looking fresh from the warm oven? Could it be something so synthetically similar to plastic that it will line my stomach longer than my lifetime? Perhaps. But at this point, I don’t care 😀

    KK all the way 😀 !

    – Ray

  19. Rain says:


  20. Roxy says:

    For donut quality it’s a tie for me too. I love the original glazed donuts of Krispy Kreme, but hate their other flavors. On the other hand, I love J.Co’s flavour-ful dounts but hate their original one.
    But may I just say that the biggest downer for me is the line in J.Co. I mean, it’s just too overrated and ridiculously long. :l (That’s why I never buy much from J.Co- I hate long lines.) I crave for the day that those lines will be gone like *poof*.

  21. Ces Cabatuando says:

    The sweetness of Krispy Kreme is just perfect with coffee!

  22. Miss Khee says:

    I don’t have a sweet tooth so I’ll go for JCO because their donuts are not too sweet and less expensive as well.(although I can tolerate eating only 1-2 varieties at a time so I always opt for a dozen of alcapone instead w/c is my fave) KK’s donuts are too sweet. I can only have 1 bite except for the original glazed which I can finish a box of 6.:D

  23. Essie Atienza says:

    Krispy Kreme is too sweet for my tastes. I like J.Co better. But my real favorite is Cello’s.

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  25. CARMES ✯ says:

    Still Krispy Kreme. And btw, their New York Cheesecake is my fave 🙁 well it’s a matter of personal taste anyway.

  26. AC says:

    Kk all the way!! I guess they made their doughnuts sweet so that you’ll consider them more of an indulgence. Good guy krispy kreme :))

  27. Katrina says:

    Krispy Kreme, on the merits of their Original Glazed alone. I always have a choirs-of-angels-singing moment whenever I bite into one of those. Mmmmmm…

    Plus, I’ve tried the Al Capone (and other flavors), and I didn’t like it. At least not enough for me to go back to J. Co, even with no lines.

  28. No question. says:

    I don’t even get why people line up for J. Co donuts in the first place…………

  29. bernie t. says:

    krispy kreme is still better. better presentation–more enticing and better in quality. J.Co’s long queue is a minus

  30. Roc says:

    Krispy kreme is too sweet!

  31. Dez del Rosario says:

    Speaking as a non-lover of donuts (in all honestly, I hate them), I’ve tried both just to satisfy the question “WHY (do people line up in queues for donuts?!?!)?”. If I had to make a choice, I would prefer to have Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donut (Served fresh please, not the cold stuff that’s been sitting behind the counter for X hours).

  32. Lesly Bries says:

    Aww! I love Krispy Kreme’s New York Cheesecake 🙁

    Curious about the cookie butter variants being offered though–how were they? Maybe you guys should do a roundup of the cookie butter craze-related products being offered lately. 🙂

  33. Yuki says:

    Krispy Kreme wins for me!

  34. Lauren says:

    I think that the presentation and decoration of J Co’s Donuts is sloppy, especially because the icing drips down the donuts very easily, which i don’t like

  35. Maryanne Margrethe Palag says:

    I don’t see the appeal of J.Co. KK has got donut down to a science, making it perfect every time (whether it’s the orig glazed, or their fancy donuts). KK all the way! 😀

    As for JCo’s long lines, I have a suspicion that the long queue is more of ineffective customer service rather than popularity. :))

  36. Jamie Love says:

    Krispy kreme for me. Even when cold the dough texture is perfect unlike J.Co’s.Sloppy decorating too for J.Co lagi kasing minamadali.

  37. Keith Chiravat says:

    KK for me. consistently mouth watering.

  38. Ray says:

    KK for me too!

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  40. Jiro says:

    I refuse to go back to J.Co until that queue disappears. Had a bad experience with the staff and their donuts was not as good as expected.

    • anne says:

      yes I have experienced that too… may pagka bastos yung guard at ibang crew ng specifically sa trinoma…

      • angel's voice says:

        correct! humaba lang ang pila feeling ng crew at guard e sila na ang may ari ng store.. yan minsan ang hirap sa iba.. umangat lang ng konti ang company mas mayabang pa ang mga tauhan..

  41. Sam M. says:

    J.Co is is too sweet and nakaka-umay(and too greasy) 😐 Krispy Kreme is still better 🙂
    But Cello’s doughnuts are the BEST.

  42. clurzie says:

    With regards to varieties in flavors, I think one would opt to go join that ridiculously long line at’s – and when you actually managed to be at the counter, the flavor that you’ve been wanting oh so badly (Alcapone and Coco Loco for me) are no longer available and you are left with those flavors that you don’t really like. KK is a classic favorite, and because it’s too sweet – let’s just say that it’s good for sharing.

  43. Adrid Catindig says:

    I recommend also the’s Alcapone. But Krispy Kreme’s G

  44. liza says:

    krispy kreme glazed is the only only donut for me. i think i can eat half a dozen in 1 sitting. haha

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  46. irish pamintuan says:

    i’ll go for

  47. CK says:

    Krispy Kreme’s glazed donut only. I don’t enjoy lining up for J.Co. Among the flavors they offer, their Alcapone is satisfactory but I won’t fall in line for that. And true, I enjoy matcha but their Green Tea tastes odd: I stopped at one bite. Sometimes, Alcapone can get a bit sweet, too. KK’s glazed is a classic. I still enjoy grabbing a bite once in a while.

  48. Basel Santos says:

    Krispy Kreme.
    1. You don’t have to stand in line.
    2. You can hang around and use their Free Wifi.

    • barado says:

      1. Your patience is too short to fall in a long line.
      2. You don’t have the money to pay for your own wifi connection.

      • baradosibarado says:

        1. Just because you don’t like to stand in line does not make you impatient — it’s a choice you just don’t want take.
        2. Just because you use free wifi doesn’t mean you don’t have money to pay for your own connection — you just don’t want to spend more money when something is already being offered for free.

      • Ur1ignorantTroll says:

        1. Not everyone has the time to waste to fall in line just to buy something. For me that’s the most pathetic thing you can do to yourself.
        2. Establishments have wifi as an add on experience, connecting to their wifi adds consumer satisfaction and this translates to good business.
        Next time, try to think critically before criticizing others, or better yet, get your self educated first.

  49. Edward Obnial says:

    Thanks to my in-laws, I tried both donuts. Both brands have pros and cons. Krispy Kreme is sweet, just what I want since I love sweets, and J. Co have that chewy feeling in your mouth. They’re good to eat, but for practical people like me, a 42-peso donut is considered as a luxury food, a status symbol, like Starbucks. So in the end, I end up eating Dunkin Donuts 🙂

  50. BS says:

    I like KK better. Mahilig ako sa matatamis. Plus the staff at Megamall branch, very accomodating (and good-looking too! hehe), is OK naman but a little bland for me and i dont like this piece stuffed with whip creme (and i dont like long hot lines din).

  51. Dude says:

    Ill go with J.CO.. I like Krispy Kreme however, the sweetness level is intense which makes it a not so good, not so healthy food intake.. 🙂 But original glazed? I’ll go with Krispy Kreme.. 😉 Each has their own strengths..

  52. Anton Borz says:

    J.CO, krispy kreme is too sweet

  53. WendyEvans says:

    Both are too sweet! I still like DD (Dunkin’ Donuts)

  54. Casey says:

    when i feel like eating sweet donuts, i go for kk and i LOVE their NEW YORK CHEESE. when i feel like eating lots of donuts, i go for jco because it’s not too sweet. i LOVE their alcapone, GREEN TEA and the one with wisp of coffee on top and cream filling inside. But when i feel like eating super sweet donuts, i go for dunkin donuts’ bavarian and boston creme.

  55. bigboy says:

    J co`s too sweet too greasy and j co`s 20grams =220 calories
    vs. kkream 45grams = 220 calories

  56. wilsonsonwil says:

    KK: hersheys,kitkat,glaze JCO: alcapone,green tea, glaze,

  57. wilsonsonwil says:

    KK: glaze,hersheys,kitkat JCO: alcapone, green tea, glaze

    love them both.

  58. Mabey says:

    Alcapone The BEST! Jco!

  59. Nix says:

    J.CO all the way for me.. KK is too sweet.. not really a fan of KK ever since..

  60. xtyn♡ says:

    both were great but i prefer KK for my taste buds.. yet i was attracted by people who brought big yellow boxes when crossing ways ♥,♥

  61. Jowny♡ says:

    Krispy Kreme foreveeeeeeer. <3

  62. drewelle says:

    it’s bias at first the way you compare them..

  63. znjr says:

    Thank you for this. A very nice article for meticulous ones. But I think I would love to bring home K.K, since it’s Tom Cruise’s fave, and he’s my mom’s ultimate crush. hihi.

  64. Daisy Pullenza Campos says:

    krispy kreme! <3

  65. smurfette says:

    i go for KK when it comes to glazed donuts. for the other flavors, though, JCo is my preference.

    but overall, i still say KK gives better customer service and quality of products (coffee!!) the KK staff are friendly and courteous to customers. not to mention accommodating!

    the long queues at JCo simply result from poor organization and management on the part of its staff. in all the JCo branches i have visited, there is only one cashier who double checks the contents of *each* box.. punches in the price.. gets money.. gives change.. bags the donuts. makes me wonder who the heck set up such an illogical method of serving customers. then again, perhaps JCo encourages long lines coz it just wants people to think that its donuts are that good.

    • angel's voice says:

      medyo eto din ang napansin ko poor organization & management problem sa JCo.. unlike sa KK nung kaka-open pa lang nila is talagang mahaba ang pila kasi kailangan pa nilang mag-set ng limit sa maximum purchase.. i think 2 or 3 boxes per person lang ang allowed bilhin before.

    • Sane says:

      baka kasi kuripot may ari kaya kahit employees tinitipid HAHAHA

  66. J. Co! KK is too sweet for me, and their dough is just airy to me.. Although I LOVE their New York Cheesecake and Salted Caramel.

    Customer service though, KK. No matter how long their lines are, they’re still happy and quick to serve!

  67. ariel says:

    kk definitely… i left kk donut overnite and its still yummy, while jco dint tastes good after an hour 🙂

  68. Bok says:

    Can you correct this one?
    20grams = 220 calories, where in the world you’ll get 11calorie/gram?
    Fat has 9 per gram

  69. Janah says:

    Dont you see that most of the people here in metro manila line up for jco even if its long and hot? All the branches of jco are always full of long lines. So most like jco and krispy kreme is like not famous already because of jco! But these 2 kinds of doughnuts that i’ve tasted is that they are both good.

  70. Rosie says:

    How much kaya ang half dozen ng krispy kreme? Yung glazed lang

  71. XL says:

    ako gusto ko ng mr.donut 😀

  72. plsgivemetruth says:

    until you’ve had freshly made krispy kreme donuts.. yes, original glazed, you do not know what it means to taste a donut.. KK over JCO anyday (and yes i’ve had freshly made jco donuts, they’re soft, that’s about it, Krispy Kreme is orgasmic)

    • wowza says:

      dunkin donut parin ako. ive never tried jco, krispy kreme marami dito pero wala naman kumakain dahil sa sobrang tamis. hindi ko talaga gets bakit maghahanap kayo ng mas mahal at mas matamis eh kng perpekto na yung lasa ng dunkin? munchkins ppl.. MUNCHKINS!!!!! XD

  73. angel's voice says:

    when it comes to taste and presentation, equal lang.. kahit alin sa kanila will satisfy our family. but if i will to choose one, i’ll go with KK because it’s more convenient and relaxing sa store nila once you get seated.. unlike sa JCo, feeling ko sobrang stressful kumain sa store nila.

  74. Fabulous says: ftw! I love their fluffy dough and very tounge friendly fillings. I also love their flavors and their designated names. KK is so sweet, it’s like you’re eating a ton of sugar donut. Nahhhh! Very wrong. XXXXX

  75. dmfj says:

    happy haus!

  76. renjo says:

    J.CO is an overrated airy donut.

  77. Ralph says:

    J.Co. for now…

  78. alben says:

    Alcapone is the best donut of JCO and the rest are not sweet. Feels like eating dough with cream that has no taste.. Im not a fan of a mid sweet donut like the other donuts of J.CO.. KK is a more satisfying donut like when you eat one, you feel like eating a premium food.

  79. joekwan says:

    My personal choice the japanese donuts being sold at makati supermarket at alabang town center. Its small stall only. Each cost P29. What i like about it is it is very chewy with the right amount of sweetness. Krispy kreme while good is just too sweet. J.Co on the other hand is not soft enough but has the right sweetness though.

  80. Kylie says:

    I would prefer but my all-time favorite donut would be from Gavino

  81. LEN says:

    Basta sakin yung donut sA kanto namin 2 pesos lang isa walang mahabang pila,busog na tipid pa :Kasi yung J.CO at KK na status symbol lng yan for Some sa social media sites! did i comment correctly, sorry for some!

  82. Food Lover says:

    KRISPY KREME! Their original glazed donut is a perfect match for brewed coffee! They are serving sweet donuts to control the taste when you’re drinking brewed coffee. Unlike jco, it seems like you’re just eating a simple donut (specifically not giving you a very satisfying meal) In KK, they are serving QUICKLY WITH JOY, while jco are so slow wherein ALL of them serves ONE CUSTOMER AT TIME and that’s too bad because they’re wasting the time of their customers that are in line. (Maybe this situation makes the jco look that it has more customers, but it actually don’t) TWO THUMBS UP FOR KRISPY KREME & TO THEIR DONUTS & CHILLERS!! 🙂

  83. PatayGutom123 says:

    JCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! toooo sweet ang KK

  84. Kali says:

    Gosh. no need to battle it out, just enjoy every bits and pieces of every donuts!!!

  85. ennaid says:

    i expected too much from jco..when i tasted it.. i said in my mind “dunkin donut tastes better than this :(( … i just wasted my money.”..
    krispy kreme is the best for me :))
    since when i was a kid

  86. avikikay says:

    i prefer! its not too sweet. luv alcapone and blue berrymore.KK is tooooo sweet and makes my blood sugar zoom …

  87. DoughLover says:

    Kain nalang kayo ng butse… bukod sa masarap at tipid, pinoy na pinoy pa. hahaha OP here.. hehe 😀

  88. Ams says:

    I totally disagree with skipping JCO’S GReen tea, just try the one with almond shavings. Only alcapone, coco loco and Mr tea goes in my JCo box. And i would only go to KK As a last resort and just for orig glaze, nothing more

  89. shen says:

    ako, kahit ano nmn basta pasalubong.. hehehe but i really love J.CO. I dont know why but i missed the taste of every bite since I ate it months before.

  90. Gerald Vierneza Pantua says:

    in my own perspective, I find J.CO more worth-buying than Krispy Kreme.

    fact#1: Krispy Kreme is too much sweet-in-the-tongue. bad news for diabetics
    fact#2: Krsipy Kreme only offers half the donut variety of J.CO donuts.
    fact#3: Krispy Kreme is much more painful when it comes to buying a dozen or even half of it. *the only moment that Krispy Kreme made an outstanding attraction is during their 77th birthday where you can buy 1 half dozen of their sugar glazed donut for only P77.

    J.CO on the other hand uses organic ingredients (this is very much obvious with the garnishing of their donuts) and P.S I don’t find the green tea worth skipping. this is infact one my favourites because of the combination of the sesame seeds and that green tea flavor. well, we all have our opinions there right? anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, J.CO is very much worth it than Krispy Kreme.

    fact#4: you’ll find J.CO donuts served with less than sugar than Krispy Kreme. did I say less? I meant very less, but still the flavor is still there.
    fact#5: J.CO donuts have this wide array of donut variety. 1 dozen is not good enough to buy 1 of each of those donuts. pretty bad for a donut lover who wants to taste ’em all. lol
    fact#6: J.CO plays fair with their pricing, saving much more money when you buy a dozen, or even a half dozen.

    too bad J.CO still doesn’t have any outlets and branches in Laguna.
    you guys should try J.CO donuts. it’s definitely worth it. *thumbs up!*

    I’m still a fan of krispy kreme’s original glazed donut.

  91. Abbie Rose says:

    I only crave for doughnuts once in a while. And once I crave, I make sure that I’ll buy and eat the best tasting doughnut I can find here in the Philippines. Here was my experience, I tasted both Krispy Kreme and dougnuts and both satisfied my craving. But one thing I remember even now, when I tasted doughnuts it just satisfied me of my appetite and craving and it took a dozen of its doughnuts before I was totally satisfied, but when I tasted the Krispy kreme’s original glazed doughnuts, it just took one of that doughnut’s awesome perfect balance of sweetness that made me so satisfied. Krispy Kreme’s original recipe has made its marked on my taste that no Jco doughnuts can ever beat.

  92. antoniv says:

    After a bite of 1 krispy kreme you will feel “SUM-OL” and never want to have another because of its too much sweetness. Win for J.CO after first donut you want to have more because the sweetness is neutral and healthy.

  93. UFailatFoodReviews says:

    This review reeks of bias to JCo. The reviewer should keep him/herself from reviewing foods and anything related to food. Sorry honey, but your palate needs to be put to better use. You forgot to even mention one key element of how fascinating donuts are, their allegiance with coffee. Have you tried KK with a freshly brewed coffee? That’s heaven in your mouth right there, try it with a JCo and it doesn’t even compare. Also, have you considered why JCo donuts are not-so-sweet, it’s possible they are using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar which is more devastating to your health (though this claim needs further probing). Nuff said.

    • gelo says: donuts and coffee they are not using artificial sweeteners 100% im sure coz iam one of there employees and besides before you post here,,, think first before giving an irrelevant comments about… they are not to sweet coz they know that kk donuts are too sweets so therefore they counterpart there donuts to become less sweet,,,, common sense idiot!

  94. Katrina Mendoza says:

    but why jco?

  95. AwesomeMan says:

    Tbh, it depends on my mood. But when it comes to glazed donuts, I would go for KK. YEAH! J CO has many flavors to choose from but they all almost taste the same! But KK may be oversweet but many flavors totally different taste!

  96. blaergh says:

    lol. promotion to ng jco ano? walang binigay na score sa dough, kasi assuming na maraming preservatives ang kk at ang jco wala. wtf! ayaw lg kasing aminin na superior ang dough ng kk pra mnalo jco. whatever dude.

  97. Sheychan says:

    That’s invalid.. you lack number of variables for comparison.. You merged some of the variables in one comparison, like in the category “The originals” (already compared size, taste, stuffiness, dough quality (4-0)) which should have been separated for more clarity. Plus you did not include variables like the comparison of the number of branches where you can test which one is easier to find, the box quality, and more

  98. ScarletRain says:

    My mom both a dozen Krispy Kreme & a dozen J.Co just to compare. I have nothing against KK but I like J.Co more. Mashado kasing matamis yung KK. Pero gusto ko sa KK yung Original Glazed nila and yung may Snickers and KitKat. Ayoko yung New York Cheesecake. Sa sobrang tamis na after you ate one, di mo na ulit susundan agad. Nakakangilo sa ngipin yung tamis. Maybe after 30 minutes pwede na hehehe Pero sa J.Co, I like all the flavors lalo na yung Tira Miss U & Alcapone except sa Green Tea (I dont know why. I just find the taste wierd). What I like pa sa J.Co is di sya mashadong matamis. Yung filling sa loob nya is parang whip creme kaya di sobrang tamis. Which I like kase I can eat 3 to 5 J.Co donuts in a row hahaha Mas mura sya kesa sa KK hahaha Shempre kung san mas makakamura dun muna. Haha

  99. Lars says:

    Krispy Kreme without a doubt. J.Co doesn’t have the sweetness that I want.

  100. Hkhong says:

    I prefer Jco as I feel that krispy kream donut only have the flavor of sweet,no other

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