Pepper’s Round-Up: Here are Our Top 10 Posts for October 2013

January 26, 2019

Here’s a recap of our Top 10 most popular posts on Pepper for October 2013.

From Kwek-Kwek to Fish Balls: The Secret Origins of 6 Pinoy Street Food Staples

Exactly when street food first appeared on Philippine streets remains unclear, but its presence was first documented during the Spanish occupation. Unlike in other countries where street food came into being out of necessity, its emergence in our nation had more sinister roots. The conquering Spaniards considered the natives as second-class citizens fit only for slave labor, and thus kept the best parts of the animals for themselves. All that remained for the Filipinos were cow lungs, pig intestines, and chicken livers: parts that the Hispanic conquerors considered unsuitable for human consumption. To make the undesirable portions easier on the palate, Filipinos came up with creative ways of cooking them. They became adept at cleaning, flavoring, and grilling the innards, and eventually started selling them to fellow workers as a quick snack in between bouts of forced backbreaking work.

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar Review, Fort Bonifacio: Not Just Inasal

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For anyone unfamiliar with Negrense food, the menu at Sarsa has all the standards like inasal, bulalo, and batchoy. You might think that Anglo is playing it safe by sticking to what he knows best, but the versions he has come up with are pretty darn delicious. The Special Batchoy adds egg yolk, bone marrow, and thick cut pieces of bacon grilled just like liempo. Sarsa’s soup base is so complex. It reminds me of ramen stock, except with a Filipino feel, layered with flavors that make it salty, garlicky, and incredibly satisfying. I’m not ashamed to say that I almost finished a bowl meant for two, leaving the chicharon soggy with broth for last. The Crispy Dilis was a no-frills starter, and the 90 peso price tag is unheard of for the Fort area. Sarsa is well-priced for the space that it’s in, which may mean the flock at the door will never go way.

12 New Restaurants to Check Out at the UP Town Center (Plus New Branches of Old Favorites)


Most of the food establishments here have signs declaring that they’re operating on a Cash Only basis for the meantime. Since the majority are still in their Soft Opening stages, any mishaps you encounter are both acceptable and forgivable. In addition to the new branches from old familiar names (for those who want to play it safe), there are also a dozen truly new restaurants that adventurous diners can try. Check out our list for the full score.

The 7 Times You’ll Think You’re Sad (But You’re Really Just Hungry)


Look at babies. They’d bump their head, they cry. You take away their favorite teddy bear, they cry. You don’t let them stick their finger in the shiny industrial electric fan, they cry. They see the blood-drenched ghost of a dead revolutionary floating behind you at night (that you never see because the spirit disappears the moment you turn around), and, you guessed right, they cry. But no matter what the reason is for their unhappiness, a big warm bottle of milk always shuts them up. They weren’t really sad, just hungry. And chances are, so are you.

The Minds Behind Pino Have a New All-day Breakfast Place Called π Breakfast and Pies


The most recent addition to the array of restaurants in the area is π Breakfast and Pies. The Pino Group’s newest venture is strategically positioned next to the original Pino and Pipino branches. They’ve taken over almost the entire building. It seems like the group wants to give diners more choices on what to eat, without them having to look elsewhere. Imagine starting the day with a hearty breakfast from π, following that up with a protein-packed lunch at Pino, going back to π again for merienda, and then capping the day off with a healthy vegetarian dinner at Pipino.

Ghetto Grub: Snack Shack


UP Diliman has more than its fair share of iconic places where you can score some great grub at cheap prices (and almost never get sick from any of it). From the famous isaw to the various kinds ofsiomai, the street food there serves as a common touchstone for many isko and iska, no matter what age or generation. The Snack Shack is different, though, in that it’s a fairly new addition at just a year or so old. This means you run little risk of your fifty-seven year old aunt telling you that she lost it for the first time in the same parking lot you now buy grilled offal from.

Unraveling the Not-So-Dirty Secret of Dirty Ice Cream


Dirty Ice Cream. So, is it really dirty?

It depends.

The Conyo Kid’s Guide to a Filipino Fiesta


You’ve never participated in an authentic Pinoy fiesta, not really. Once or twice, you may have flown all the way to Cebu for the Sinulog parades, skin perfectly tan and smeared with paint, but at the end of the day you end up eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger for dinner in your hotel room. It’s okay, it’s not really your fault you’re too conyo for parties in the countryside (okay, maybe it’s your fault a little bit).

Regardless of your true reasons, we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know and what to expect at a real Filipino fiesta.

Here Are 10 New Restaurants to Try in the Shangri-La East Wing


Shangri-La Mall’s latest addition to their shopping complex, the East Wing is a haven for some of the newest talked-about restaurants in the Metro. It’s like someone took a survey of the many foreign brands that people were clamouring for and put them all in one place. Check out the interesting slew of new restos they have that you might want to try out over the weekend.

Will Serving Rice at Half Portions Now Be Mandatory Because of a New Bill?

According to the government, we waste PHP 23 million worth of rice each day, leading up to PHP 8.4 billion every year.

In order to remedy this issue, Mark Llandro Mendoza (Chairman of the House on Agriculture) and Agapito Guanlao (Chairman of the House on Food Security) proposed a bill that aims to address the skyrocketing rice prices, as well as the uncertainty of rice supplies.

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