Top Four Hacks To Level Up Your Food at Home

Everyone is used to using Knorr’s iconic Liquid Seasoning to finish breakfast dishes like fried eggs, but it’s definitely a multi-tasker. We have tons of recipes but sometimes, what you really need to do is get down to basics. We’ve listed down four hacks to level up your food at home, just with the addition of this beloved ingredient. 

As a Marinade

Yes, you can use Knorr Liquid Seasoning to marinate beef, chicken, or any meat you like. Just a few drops will add umami to your dishes. It would pair well with sweeter flavors for Asian recipes like yakiniku or Korean-style chicken wings, or even level up Filipino favorites like inasal.

As a Dip

Filipinos can’t eat their food without sawsawan on the side, and Knorr Liquid Seasoning adds depth to the simple garnish. Add vinegar, sugar, onions, and siling labuyo to make the perfect dipping sauce for crispy pata, or add calamansi and chili sauce for your siomai.

As a Topper

Knorr Liquid Seasoning’s favorite partner is probably plain rice. Just a few drops, and the white grains turn that familiar glossy shade of brown, which means that the unseasoned starchy side dish has now taken on another life of its own. It instantly makes any ulam + kanin combo better.

As a Stir-Fry Seasoning

If your vegetables need a kick, then look no further. Basic stir-frys are turned into incredibly tasty greens. Knorr Liquid Seasoning imparts a certain distinct flavor which will make you turn to the bottle instead of using just plain old salt and pepper.

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